You know you want one!
(or two or three or four...)

Hannah designed these two bumper stickers.  
Show your support for adoption, and support the homecoming 
of the Brothers, Emmitt and Frank!

For a minimum tax deductible donation of $5.00 each to our FSP (per sticker).

Order for all your cars, for all your family!  

Click here for our FSP.

Click here to send your address and receipt to the Baker Family.

Beautiful, full color, vinyl, high quality!
3" x 11.5"



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  1. So excited to see you are 'Emmitt' and 'Frank's' family! We have been praying for a family for them for a while! And, also excited to see you guys are in High Point, we're near Martinsville VA so not too far away! We're in the process of our first international special needs adoption and its inspiring to read stories from families like your's! ~Brooke Kirk