Saturday, May 23, 2015

Moving into Summer...

 Maggie decided to get her hair trimmed for summer. Once she saw how much she wanted taken off, it was enough to donate, so she brought it home. 

 And here is the after!  What a cute cut for a cute girl.  Really suits her!

 And here is Maggie with her garden.

 Silas supervising.

 And here is my little gymnast gardener; balance beam and watering.

 It was a hot day, and she was trying to put a cool mist over Si, but as you can see, she is the only one getting wet!

 The mist on her hair looked like spiderwebs.

 It was finally time to put up the pool for the summer.  We have our annual tradition of playing in the pool while it's filling up, and smoothing out the bottom.  It's a blast, and each year I take pictures of all the smile. 


 On to Mother's Day.  I got breakfast in bed, a savory crepe with guacamole and cilantro and tomatoes and egg, a fruit cup and coffee.  I could eat that every day!

 Maggie made me this necklace.  It has owl beads on it.

 My lovely girl.

Hannah arranged to take me out with the four big kids.  They were delighted to get to go to a real restaurant.  We went to Panera Bread, and they each split a Take Two with each other.  They were so cute and well behaved.  The last time they ate a restaurant was for Canaan's rehearsal dinner last year, and before that, I can't remember.  So, it was a special time.  


 Canaan's birthday.

 Twenty-three fingers, and Hannah with a knife.  No reason.

 Isaac got so tickled I thought he'd choke.

 Candice trying to help him out.

 He used to get Legos, and now he gets tools.  I guess he's a grown up now.

Oh wait... Mario Kart?  I guess I spoke too soon. 

 Art built a sandbox for Levi for his birthday.  While he was at school we filled it up with sand.  You think he'd notice that there was a big wooden box in the back yard, but that wasn't a problem.  After it was full, the kids buried Isaac at his request.

 I read on Pinterest that adding cinnamon to the sand deters ants.  It also makes everyone smell like cinnamon rolls when they get out. 

 Hannah made a cinnamon bikini for Isaac.

 He is always such a good sport.

 I made this chicken cake for Levi.  Another idea from Pinterest.

He requested spaghetti and meatballs for his supper, but he was so excited he couldn't even eat it.

 Last year Homer and Cindy got him a Levi's shirt for his birthday, and it's one of his favorite shirts.  He asked for another shirt with his name on it for his birthday, and said he wanted Baker on it too.  Well, I looked online for a Baker shirt, and discovered that Baker is a skateboard brand!  Who knew?  So there were various Baker skateboard shirts.  I couldn't resist picking this very appropriate one for him. 

 We found these large stuffed roosters at the feed store.  They cock a doodle doo too.  He was very impressed.  The rooster is very soft, and the first thing Levi did was hug it.  He really loves it.

 A bulldozer for his sandbox.

 And finally, the unveiling of the sandbox!  He was so excited.

 Thank you Daddy!  (I love this picture.)

Another fun birthday under our belts. 

 And in the "never a dull moment" department, a few days later Maggie was practicing her gymnastic flips and dislocated and broke her arm.  She normally lands very well, but in this case, she flipped so quickly she said she blacked out and found herself on the ground.  She was very sad about it, and it hurt a lot. 

 Hannah was awesome taking care of her, so very compassionate.

Home at last.  Not exactly happy, but not in so much pain.  Poor baby girl. 


Looking much better a few days later.   Praying she heals up quickly and doesn't miss out on too much summer fun.  She is so active, and loves to swim, and she is also so much help to me that I am feeling sorry for myself as well!

 Candice had her sonogram to find out if she is having a girl or a boy.  We had the technician put the answer in a sealed envelope and brought it to the bakery where they made cupcakes with either blue or pink filling.  Then we had a "Gender Reveal" party.  We had Team Lottie for the girls, and Team Finn for the boys.  I made boy foods and girls foods.

 The girl side had mini quiches, cream puffs, chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, and lots of fruit.

 The boy side had chicken wings, bacon, meatballs, nachos, and jalapeno poppers.  

I had never made these sort of cookies before, but I got some tips from Micaiah's teacher, and they turned out pretty cute!

 We ate and played a couple of games, and finally time for Candice to bite into a cupcake and see whether it is a girl or a boy!

You can tell by her expression, she was not impressed, but Team Lottie will get used to the idea of Baby Finn.  We love him already of course, and Lottie may show up next year, so there's that.  Now to find some cute baby boy things, and get that nursery prepared.  This will be one spoiled baby boy!!  Let the squishing begin!

And it is hard to believe that come Monday, Canaan and Candice will have been married for a whole year!  Time seems to fly in some ways, in others, not so much.  Case in point, school is about to let out as well.  Didn't we just get them school supplies to go back to school?  Where did the time go?  Working through all the end of the year IEP meetings.  Lots to think about.  And wondering what on earth to do with the four school kids during the summer.  My homeschooled four keep busy, because the mind never sleeps and we never take breaks from learning unless there is a reason to, and around here there are always tons of reasons to.  But there is no reason for the other four to break from school, and if we can't understand it, THEY certainly can't understand it.  All they know is that we make a big deal about how important school is, and then we tell them they don't get to go for two months and when they ask why not, I have absolutely no reason to tell them.  And they are bored and have nothing to do, and I'm so busy I can't entertain them.  So, yeah... not my favorite time of year for those reasons.  But for other reasons I really do enjoy the summertime.  It is beautiful out, and the days are long, with lots of sunshine.  The short, gloomy winter days get depressing.  It is so very green and beautiful here.  Things are growing.  I need to take some pictures of the two baby chicks, Beans and Rice, as they are growing so big. 



  1. What a wonderful gender reveal party--Congratulations on your coming grandson soon to be in your arms!

    I SOooooo love your posts!!! :-D

  2. I hope Maggie is all better. Great news about Levi. Gotta love that boy.
    Oh, and congratulations for the newest Baker! :D

  3. You are the most loving and fun family. And talented! Those wee little cookies you made look professional! I love seeing pics of your family life--and love seeing all the smiles and hugs for kids who could be in a very different life situation now, if it were not for you & your husband listening to God's nudging. Blessings to you all this Sabbath morning!