Thursday, April 30, 2015

April and so on...


 The April birthdays begin with Daddy!  Look at all those fingers!

I found a recipe online for copycat Publix cake frosting.  It was a ringer!

 And moving right along to April birthday number 2!

 A lemony sunshine cake for my Sunshine...

 The first birthday needing someone else's fingers!

 Now, what do we notice about this?

 Think hard....

 Look closely....

 A triumphant smile to bring tears to a Mommy's eyes.  Yep.  This is the first year that Eden was able to blow out all of her birthday candles by herself!! 

 Pretty sister...

 The brothers and sisters who can, buy presents for their siblings' birthdays.  On Eden's birthday I tried giving the other four little presents to give to the birthday girl.  Kiki and Laz understood pretty quickly, as they have seen lots of birthdays.  Levi seemed to get it.  Miciaiah had a little trouble understanding that the gift was not for him, but for him to give to Eden.  I don't know that he would have been that happy to open up a Lala Loopsy doll.  But then again...

 This picture wasn't real clear, but it was the only to really capture Eden's utter rapture and joy to receive her best gift of the day:  A Lego set including a little Lego Thor.  Thor is on her "list".  :-)

 Moving right along....

 So the theme for Silas was Lego.  I worked hard on this one, with a model on Pinterest to go by, but I think I just wound up with a facetious "nailed it" rendition.  It was made with love, and it tasted good, so it's all good.

 Twelve fingers!!  Where did the time go?


 And now our chick experiment.  We ordered eight eggs, and incubated them, and had one chick hatch and die.  It was really disappointing.  So I tried a different farm and ordered twelve eggs. 

 We researched more to try to find out what we did wrong the first time, and very excitedly waited for hatching day.

 Of the twelve, we had five that pipped...

 The first one that hatched, died quickly and we were shocked and sad.  Then this one hatched, and we were quite happy about her.

 She was quite feisty and doing fine.  We put her in the box with the heat lamp, and checked everything was well, but not long later, we checked on her, and her feathers were dry, but she was not moving.  We have no idea what happened except that she may have just been too exhausted from it all, or of weak stock... who knows?  It was really disappointing after losing so many and not succeeding with any of that.  With everything else going on in life, we were really hanging on tight to this to bring a little joy to us.

 And then two more eggs hatched! 

 As of this writing, they are already five days old and still quite active and healthy.  They get a LOT of attention.   Since Cauliflower was not broody, and we have the five big chicks out in the coop -- and they are not silkies (don't know what they are yet), we were afraid to try putting these chicks outside.  So we are going to keep them in with us until we think they are big enough to fend for themselves. 

 Silkies are very friendly and enjoy being held.  These ones cheep -- loudly -- when they are left alone too long.  You may notice that the little light colored one has a bald neck.  The farm that I bought the eggs from told me that there was a possibility of hatching a Showgirl.  A Showgirl is a breed of silkie that was bred to have a featherless neck.  It was the result of a turken bred with a silkie.  This one is obviously one of those.  They are also called "Naked Neck Silkies".  She is sweet.  We are pretty confident that these two are girls.  I researched how to tell, and I hope I did a good job sexing them because we cannot have roosters in the city.

 Maggie named them Black Beans and Rice.

 They like to crawl in our shirts and snuggle.  It calms them down and they fall asleep!

Maggie has a lot of interest in farming.  She has a little shelf in the window of her room where she plants seeds and raises little seedlings of this and that.  She is very attentive and does a great job.  So, I gave her the garden for this year.  Art put together some raised beds, and we got all new top soil so we would have a good chance of success.  Maggie and Eden planted this week, and we shall see what happens!

 Kiki was totally delighted to have the chance to help move the top soil to the garden.  She worked hard!  We incorporated everyone.  Levi did not seem quite so impressed, but he did do some shoveling.  He is not thrilled about work, but he does not argue either.

So April is wrapping up, and there is much coming up in May.  
Micaiah is home from the hospital and he is doing well on the home (peritoneal) dialysis.  This is a big relief from spending four days a week at the hospital.  He is feeling well and is happy to be back to school.  

And my sweet Ruby is still just as sweet....



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