Friday, February 27, 2015

A little snow, and gymnastics.

 So, just when I thought we were going to have our first year with no snow, we got a little surprise.  A dusting of snow.  Not much, but enough to make everyone excited, and to do a little sledding.

Or what my kids do on sleds: snowboard.

Levi wasn't very interested in sledding.  But he does like to climb trees.  Can you find him?

I always think I'm going to stay inside and watch, but the Canadian girl in me can never resist getting out there and joining in.

This one's not Canadian; he's just a really fun Dad.

Poor, old Biscuit is eleven years old.  Not real old for a dog, but she is acting pretty old, and we can tell her eyes and ears can't do what they used to.  But she's a good, old girl, and loves to be out where the kids are doing what they are doing.

My colorful little Ghana girl!

Yeah, pretty much love this little man to pieces.

Two of the unlikeliest of friends.  These two adore each other.

Rosy cheeks.  

The chickens are doing okay.  We lost one more, so we are down to three.  So now we are incubating some eggs!  We have three under Cauliflower, and six inside in the incubator.  Hoping we will get a few.  Cauliflower is one of our original ones, and I would be really sad if anything happened to her.  She has toughed it out through a lot.  She even lost one toe and a piece of her beak to a chicken hawk attack.  She is also the one who sat on the eggs which we got two baby chicks from.  She's a good mother.  Sugar Pie is still with us.  She's a little cranky sometimes, and she will eat eggs when she can get a hold of them.  And we have just one of the chicks left, who is now bigger than the other two because as it turns out, he is a rooster!  And now that he is about six months old, he just started making the cutest little "cock-a-doodle-doooo" in the morning.  Hoping he doesn't get any louder because I don't think the neighbors would appreciate it, but it is really cute.  Silkies are awesome pets.  They are very gentle, and yet very hardy.  They can handle the winter temps fine, but we do heat up homemade rice bags to bring out to them at night, just in case.

We did some sledding out front as well.  The snow was very dry and slippery, so was good for sledding.  I love looking out and seeing all the neighbor kids out and playing together.

The school kids had four and a half days off for that little bit of snow.  On the morning that Maggie and Eden and Isaac go to gymnastics, the kids were out of school.  I was taking Laz and Levi to the dentist with Si that morning, Micaiah was in the hospital, and it just left Kiki unaccounted for.  So Hannah brought Kiki with her, and she had a blast.  Not sure if she's ready to actually join a class, but she was super cute.

Well, she hasn't found a boyfriend yet, but she pretty much has animal magnetism.  Ruby, Waffles, and Biscuit all snuggling with Hannah.

Which brings us to some shots of Maggie's first gymnastics competition.  She was very nervous, but did well.  It was a bit challenging to get clear pictures, because we were not allowed to use a flash.

With much thanks and appreciation to Hannah, who makes this all possible.  She takes the three to gymnastics practices each week.  Maggie goes three times a week.  She works to help pay their tuition, and pays for Maggie's entry fees and other costs.  We could not do this without her, and they could not have this amazing opportunity without their big sister.  She goes way above and beyond the call of sisterhood, which is awesome.  She really loves her little siblings and wants the best for them.  Not many of us have had that experience, and I am so happy that she cares so much for them, and genuinely likes them too.  

And another puzzle finished by Silas.  Grandpa sent him this one. 

And it is not easy to finish a 1,000 piece puzzle when a kitty is "guarding" it every time you leave it alone.  Lucky for her she is too cute to get mad at her!A


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