Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Time's a'Comin'

 Hannah helping Kiki with her homework. 

Hannah finally found a car!!  If you recall, I totaled her car on the way to her knee surgery a couple months ago.  It took her quite a while to find something that she liked and was a good enough price.  It had to be a Honda, of course.  This is a Honda Fit, a 2007.  It really suits her.  It is sporty and cute, just like her, and it's her favorite color.  

And Kiki got glasses!  She is adorable in them, and can see much better.

We lost a chicken to a hawk, and we put bird netting over the chicken run after that.  Then a couple of weeks later, Maggie heard lots of chicken squawking and ran out to find the hawk stuck in the chicken netting!  It had managed to kill another chicken.  It flapped around a loosed its leg from the netting, only to become trapped underneath it where the other chickens were running around frantic.  Hannah was picking up Kiki from school, and I am not Hannah so I was a bit freaked out.  I managed to corner it with a blanket but then I had no idea what to do next as my courage flew away once I saw that trapped hawk looking up at me defensively.  Luckily Hannah got home a few minutes later and rescued me.  She was able to get under the netting and grab the hawk and crawl out where it could be released.  But not before taking a few pictures of course!

As you can see in the pictures, there's not even a hint of fear in Hannah's face, but only absolute delight.  She has caught a lot of birds and animals in her day, but to be able to hold a wild hawk was a dream come true for her!

Of course, Maggie was not so delighted to lose another one of her chickens.  We now are down to four again:  Cauliflower, who is the only one left from the original chickens we got last year, Sugar-Pie and the two chicks, who are not so little anymore, Macaroon and Sour Cream.  

Look at the tongue!  Wow.  And you can see a little wound on Hannah's wrist where the talon went completely through the heavy blanket.  Of course, that wouldn't make her let go.

My kitty.  <3

Planting daffodil bulbs.  We've never done this before.  I hope it works!


My beauty.

Planting hands.

Canaan in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

Lap kitty.  :-)

Hannah's making some paper cuttings for her portfolio.

And these are the kinds of things I find on my desk in the morning.  Hannah made it.  She always tries to encourage me, often leaving verses for me.  

Another very appropriate one.  

We went out to get our Christmas tree, and it was raining.  So most of the kids hung out in the tent having candy canes and hot cider while we picked out the tree.

Canaan and Candice when they come to visit.  :-)  At least they're not just texting each other!  LOL

Time to trim the tree.  Big difference from last year.  Micaiah was in the hospital during all last Christmas.  He is thoroughly enjoying every bit of Christmas preparations this year.

My girls.  <3

Kissing under the Christmas pickle. 

And finally, here is a video of a skit that the kids wrote and performed for our neighbor's birthday.  They practiced hard and it turned out pretty cute.  (Just to clarify, the skit is the fictitious biography of a character the kids made up, who has a birthday the same day as Mr. Homer, our neighbor.)



  1. they were great ! I laughed alot...
    But I really thought it was your neighbors life..; so when he died in the play I was lost !
    Congratulations from France ! :)

    1. LOL! Well I added a clarifying statement now. I didn't think about how that could be confusing, but you're right!

  2. Great update! I'm amazed by the hawk holding!