Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chicks, More Chicks, and the Lame Chick...

The director of Levi's institution said that whenever they didn't know where he was, they could find him with the chickens.   So when Levi came home we got three silkie chickens because after a little research, we found that silkies are a hardy and gentle breed, perfect for pets.  We put Levi to the task of taking care of them, with some supervision from Maggie.  Well, it soon became apparent that Levi really loves chickens, and loves the idea of chickens, but really doesn't understand that they are not toys.  Levi is gentle as the day is long, but he is also impulsive and does not always understand the consequences of his actions.  He's learning.  But in the mean time, we lost two of our chickens, which was very sad.  We were down to one, so as my last post showed, we went and picked up four more silkies so that Cauliflower would not be lonely and we would lose her too!

When we got home, it occurred to me that there had been a rooster in the pen with the chickens we brought home.  Just on a whim, I told Maggie to keep any eggs that were layed in the first three days, and mark them with an X.  (It is only later on that I learned we could have kept more days than three, as a hen can lay fertile eggs for up to three weeks afterwards!) Cauliflower is the one who sat on the eggs, which is funny because she is the one chicken we know did not lay the eggs.  So, she adopted them.  :-)   I did not really expect anything to come of it, so we were absolutely elated to discover a little, wet chick underneath Cauliflower one morning, exactly 21 days later!!

How absolutely exciting!  The kids named her Macaroon.

 Here she is a few hours later, all fluffy and dry.

Well, that was way more than I had hoped for and we were so happy.  I told Maggie to let Cauliflower sit on the other two eggs for a couple more days, but there likely would be no more chicks.  Well, wow!  The next day a second chick hatched!  Everyone was so excited!

The kids named the second one Sour Cream.

 Cauliflower is a very good mother.  She always takes care of her chicks and protects them.  The little chicks snuggle in under her wings.  It's so cute.

 Biscuit is so interested in the chicks, she can hardly contain herself.  She is a very good and well behaved dog, so she will sit as close as she can, and you can see it is taking everything within her to not bother the chicks.  By nature, Biscuit is a herder, so she may have that instinct going on.  She would sit in the grass and inch forward closer and closer to the chicks, and when she would get a chance she would dive in and lick one of them, which would immediately be answered by a nasty peck from Cauliflower! 

Oh the temptation.  In the words of Pooh Bear, "I wasn't going to eat it; I was just going to taste it."  Oh bother. 

 Silas has developed into a stellar photo bomber.

 So, what began last December as the one chicken coop, has expanded into this grand chicken complex.  Maggie is the main caregiver of the chickens and she is awesome at it.  She takes such good care of her chickens.  We integrated the play house and a dog house into the whole area.  This way they can be out in the open, and not bothered by the dogs or anything else, and there is a separate area for Cauliflower and the chicks to roam about.

 Sour Cream, Mashed Potatoes, Sugar-Pie, Mozzarella, Cauliflower, and Macaroon. 


 So, lots of chicken pictures, I know, but that's kind of a highlight around here right now.

And now for  
More Chicks...

This has got to be one of the cutest outfits on Eden.  I just love it.  Thank God for hand-me-downs from friends.

 So here are a whole lot of pictures of my girlies from last Sunday morning.  We watched some old videos this week, and it is so hard to believe my little Eden butterball has become such a long-legged beauty.  Where did my baby go?

But the sass is still there.  She came home brimming with personality, and not a thing has changed in that department.  See if you can feel her personality shining in these photos:

 And I thought Eden was growing up too fast!  Who is this young woman??

 Beautiful sisters.

 Oh how I love these girls!!!

 And now the  
Lame Chick...

So, no matter how bad things got, the one blessing I could count as I lay down exhausted each night, was that I had Hannah's help each day.  I would so often say, "I don't know what I would do without her!"  She does so much for me.  She runs to the store, runs errands, takes the kids to gymnastics, helps me when I need Micaiah lifted, comes with me to doctor appointments, and plays with the kids and teaches them all sorts of athletic games, and just is my right hand.  I don't know what I'd do without her help!  
Well, I guess I was going to find out!

Hannah, as you know, is extremely athletic.  Her job and her hobbies all revolve around athletic endeavors for the most part.  She had been going to a gym once a week where college kids would come and practice break dancing moves, cheerleading moves, and just general cool stuff like you would see in parcourt.  She loved doing this.  And she had developed so many really cool moves.  So this night she had been flipping for over two hours, and was working on her flash gainer.

And yes, she can do this.  She said she was beginning to feel her legs getting wobbly and told herself she should stop, but then she just had to practice one more time.  She landed, heard a "pop" sound, and said her leg felt like it couldn't hold weight and was all tingly.  An MRI later, and we learned that she had torn the ACL in her knee.  

 So this Wednesday, she goes for surgery to repair it, and then begins the long process of rehab and physical therapy.  She cannot work during this time, and it is a major bummer to her.  I am enjoying having her around more, but that is probably the only good thing about this.  Please pray for Hannah, for her surgery, her recovery, and for us as we try to take care of the many tasks around here.  I had already reached the breaking point, and now this.  Pray that she will stay encouraged, and that she can make good use of the down time. 

But at least she can say she injured herself doing something cool.

 And we'll finish up with a picture of Isaac's latest haircut.  He's a cutie!

Isaac and Levi.  Brothers <3 




  1. Love the pictures!
    And I love your hair- you give me hope that maybe if I stop coloring it my silver will be as lovely as yours :D

  2. Now all you need is a Nigerian Dwarf goat and you will have your own little farm! Your young ladies are lovely and young men so handsome. All growing up so fast. The chicks are so cute. We have silkies on our farm they will hatch out any egg for me from quail to duck. Get well soon Hannah we are praying for you. Alynn hang in there. We never know what we are not capable of till things happen that show us all we do is in His strength alone. We have adopted many times and unknown medical issues arose too. We have went thru those times and come out knowing the power of God in a very tangible way. Praise God those were just seasons of our life. Thinking of you all and praying for you often. Blessings.