Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Never a dull moment...

There is always something going on around here, but it has been particularly busy lately.  And we've started the final countdown for the wedding.  There is still much to be done and many preparations. It is an exciting time, but a busy time as well.  Here's some of what we've been doing this past month:

 First off is Silas's 11th birthday.  We had a Duck Dynasty camo cake in mint chocolate.

 When you get past ten you have to start borrowing fingers to hold up.

 Camo inside the cake as well.

 So this was Silas's birthday list.  I think the only thing he forgot to list was a grenade.  I decided it probably wasn't a good idea to get him a "pistol (real one)", but Art was the one who got him an airsoft gun as the next best choice.  I still think he'll shoot his eye out, but so far so good.

 For Si's birthday, he asked for a trip to the shooting range with his friends.  Here they are watching a gun safety video.

 All ready to shoot!  They all did pretty well and loved it.

Candice and Canaan got Si a bow and arrow.

 All the kids enjoyed it.

My little guy is a natural.

 We've been having some great spring weather.  The kids like to jump on the trampoline with the hose on.  This was Levi's first time to experience this and he LOVED it!  He laughed and laughed. 

And if they all weren't laughing enough, our skinny little Levi's pants fell down with the weight of being wet, and everyone cracked up.


 Every time I start to worry they're growing up too fast, I look out and see things like this and realize I have absolutely nothing to worry about.

 Here Maggie and Silas are helping Candice with flower arrangements and decorations for the wedding. 

 I really love how this wedding has been a family affair.  Everyone has been pitching in to help out in some way.  I love that the kids are helping with the decorations.


 We have also been trying to get the house in order for all the company coming in for the wedding.  Art was putting up some blinds in the dining room and Rhuby jumped up on the chair and curled up on his feet and fell asleep.  She is such a social kitty.  I just love her.

 The bunnies.  Well, last year a bunny made a nest in our raspberry canes and we did our best to protect them.  Our yard is not the best place to build nests, whether you're a bunny or a bird, but every year they keep doing it.  This year was a problem though.  Waffles is just a great, big rambunctious puppy and we discovered him playing with something one morning and found out it was a bunny.  Another bunny nest in the raspberry canes, but this time, there really was no good way to keep Waffles away from them.   We wanted to protect the bunnies from Waffles, especially since one was already harmed.  But the little guy seemed fine the next day.  We looked up advice online and also talked to Candice's sister who has a lot of experience with raising all sorts of farm animals, including bunnies.  Since according to her, the bunnies were old enough to be weaned, we thought we would try rehoming them to our neighbors' much safer back yard.  But the next morning they were back in their nest in our yard again!  And this was from a yard two houses away, and our back yard is fenced in!  We were amazed that they found their way back!  They were persistent in wanting to stay there in spite of Waffles.  A few days later they were gone.  We hope they just moved on, but we can't know for sure.  But they sure were cute!

What Canaan would look like as an anchorman.


My sweet girls.


 So for those who don't know, Hannah is a free lance artist who does many different types of artwork and creative projects from portraits and paintings to paper cuttings and wall murals. Hannah also does a lot of artwork for the Taekwondo school where she works: signs, tee shirts, uniform designs etc.  They are well aware of her talents.  The master from the school had planned for years to start his own school and for years Hannah has told him that if he ever did do it, she would come and help him paint murals in his school.  Well, this spring he did just that, but he did it in Columbus, Ohio!  Hannah still wanted to keep her promise.  I, on the other hand, was not keen on the idea of her driving to Columbus on her own, and she couldn't fly with all her paint and equipment.  So, I went with her.  And as with all her past murals, I had the privilege of being her assistant.

 It was no joke trying to arrange all of this in the midst of our massive responsibilities taking care of Micaiah and all of his needs, plus all the other things going on here as we prepare for the wedding.  But we planned to leave on a Friday morning after I got the school kids to school.  I drove seven hours to Columbus and we got right to work.  We worked until about 1am and then were back at work first thing the next morning.  We worked until almost midnight and then from early Sunday morning until 4:30 in the afternoon Sunday.  Then I drove seven hours back home again.  

 We had another little assistant: her master's little three year old boy who was adorable.

 Hannah designed the tigers for the playroom/after school room.  These tigers were also incorporated in the manual for the students and on the website.  His theme is a white tiger.  She also designed his logo.

 My flamingo painter.  I couldn't balance on a paint can like this in the first place, let alone paint while doing it!


 My job is always that of the assistant: I measure, fill in areas, mix paints, clean up, and help with the projector.  I also paint when I can, and this time I was able to paint the places that had words.  Here is the logo ready for Hannah to fill in the artwork.

And here is the finished logo on the wall.



 He asked for tiger stripes beneath the long mirrors the length of the studio. 

Even when we left, we did not have the full picture since some parts of the school were not finished yet.  Baseboards had not been put up yet, and the lockers and shelves in the locker rooms were not yet installed.

 I painted the lettering on the two motivational motifs in the locker rooms.

 Ordinarily, the locker room doors will be closed.

 It had to be painted pretty high up on the wall to make room for the lockers and shelves/benches below.

 She was asked to paint bamboo around the place for an Asian flavor.


This was one of the last things that she completed, and she wished she had more time to do more with it.

But she may go back again to finish up some little things.  She has a standing invitation not only to come up and paint, or to come up and be a guest instructor, but she has also been asked repeatedly to come and work at the school up there.  I heard over and over again how she was his best instructor, and how much he would love to have her work for him.  He thinks she should have her own school some day, but no matter how much he said it, it didn't matter because that's not what she wants to do, and it's not what she thinks God wants her to do.  It is her choice and her decision. 

It was a very tiring weekend, but it was also fun to be with just my girl and to do something I haven't done in a while.

 Twenty-two fingers up for my little boy.  Canaan's birthday!


In addition to all this, Micaiah had another hospital stay since last post.  This was his fourth hospital stay here.  He had another bladder/UTI.  The doctors are still trying to figure out why these infections keep recurring.  They come up quickly, with little notice, and seemingly with no apparent cause.  He is home and doing fine now.  He is enjoying school very much.

Levi is doing great at school and everyone who meets him just loves him.  He is learning tons of English and communicating very well.  He is a lot of fun and is playing more with the other kids and less by himself.  He is really thriving having a family.

And while my Rhuby is getting so big, she is still the sweetest, softest, cutest, wonderfulest kitty in the whole, wide world! 



  1. I love your updates. It's like having coffee with a friend. It's fun to see pictures and keep up with all of them. I came here because of Levi and Micaiah but enjoy all of your kids. I don't know if this has been asked and answered and I missed it so I apologize if I'm repeating this. Do you have nursing help some times and have you gotten more comfortable with all the medical needs? Is Micaiah more comfortable with attention to his medical needs? Like hospital visits and doctor's appointments? Bless you, you have had quite a bunch of "stuff" to deal with. I'm praying for you.

  2. Thanks for asking. I have my oldest son and daughter to help, and my daughter-in-law too, and they are In.Val.Uable! I don't know how I could do this without them. As for nursing or medical help, no. I have nothing in that way. We do not do Medicaid or gov't help, and regular insurance does not offer any help at all. Is Micaiah more comfortable with attention to his medical needs? Not sure what that means. I don't think he was ever uncomfortable with any of it. Basically he has been the receiver of care all of his life, and continues to be so. He has no concept of reciprocal relationships. He expects to be cared for, and he is cared for. He has many doctor appts which don't bother him. He does not like to go to the hospital, but it is hard on us when he goes as well. My husband helps with his care when he is home, but most of the medical care falls on me, and it is substantial.