Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Birthday dear Levi...

Levi has been watching several of the kids have birthdays over the months that he has been home, and he was able to understand that it was his turn!  He was excited and happy.  As far as we know, this is likely the first birthday celebration he has had.  Officially, he turned 14.  But he does not look or act 14 obviously. 

I find it amazing to look at this little guy and see how far he has come.  It is no secret that I was quite apprehensive about bringing this one home!  When we met him in the Ukraine, he had little to no eye contact, and was just all over the place.  We could barely get his attention, much less communicate.  He was sweet and hilarious, but I just keep thinking, "Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into here?"  I was thinking we would get home and have to put everything out of reach, and that he'd be flitting all over the place.  I kept thinking how in the world am I going to get this kid through the airports and all the way home?  

Now where did that little boy go?  Now I have a boy who chats all the way to school with me, pointing out trucks and motorcycles and horses.  I have a boy with a phenomenal sense of humor and a contagious, endearing giggle.  He tells me about his day at school, and looks people in the eye when he's talking.  The little guy who would sing the same repetitive song and rock back and forth by the hour now likes to go outside and ride his bike and play in his play house with Kiki.  He is full of life and mischief and joy.  He loves spaghetti and bubble baths getting his hair spiked up.  How can this be the same boy?  The boy who I worried so much about now gets out of the car at school and with a big smile says, "Bye Mommy.  I love you."  What an amazing privilege it is to see him transform before our eyes.  Everyone who meets Levi loves him.  Happy birthday little man.

 On the way to the zoo for Levi's birthday.

 He used to not smile for pictures at all, and now he's got the idea.

 Levi likes Kiki.

 Micaiah was not as impressed with the zoo.  He is pretty fragile and does not handle heat or sun well.  He did his best, but later when I asked him if he wanted to go to the zoo again he said no.  We ended up leaving early because he was not very happy.

 Ice cream for everyone!  Yay!

 Kiki likes taking care of Laz.  So sweet.

 My beauty.  sigh....

 Mufasa and Simba.


 Catch me Eden!

 Levi's chicken cake.

 A little spit never hurt anyone.

 He had great reactions to everything.  He was so impressed and happy.

 Daddy got Levi his own vacuum cleaner.  Happy happy boy!

A couple more Levi picts.  We had a package come in the mail with the plastic pillow fillers in it.  Levi asked me if he could have it and I said yes.  He was already in his jammies ready for bed but asked if he could go outside.  Next thing we know we look outside and he is running full speed up and down the back yard with the plastic streaming behind him and just laughing and laughing.  It was so fun to watch.  He is just full of little boy joy.

 And he is absolutely delighted when Daddy lets him steer the lawn mower.

Levi school picture.  :-)



  1. I remember looking at him way before the adoption and thinking what a sweet boy he seemed to be, and wonder if someone will ever rescue. I was so happy when I found out who his family was going to be! He's doing great, I'm glad you've found each other. :)

  2. I cannot express how happy I am to see this! He looks great!

  3. Love his smile! Love his chicken cake! It's so wonderful to see him so happy!