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Easter et al.....

Amazingly, I am posting more pictures only a couple days after posting!  Well, I have a lot of picts to post.  That and I promised Micaiah I'd post photos of what we did today.  Yes, Micaiah is back in the hospital again.  Can that be possible?  I am getting the sense that this is the life we have embarked upon.  Micaiah's health is very fragile, and I think we will celebrate on the day he has spent more days at home than in the hospital, but right now, that day is pretty far off.

So today is Easter Sunday and on Thursday night Micaiah threw up after dinner.  He has a sensitive stomach, so that in itself is not real alarming.  But I do log all of these things.  The next day was Friday and he had his post op at the neurosurgeon's.  The last time he was there, he was admitted to the hospital for the infection on his myelomeningocele, and then had surgery a week later to close it, with all the ensuing details.  After three and a half weeks in the hospital, he has needed daily assurance that he was home and not going back to the hospital.  He needed all the more assurance as we headed back to the place it all began.

I promised him in earnest that he would be coming home and would not go back to the hospital.  That seemed a pretty easy promise since he was feeling well, and there was nothing -- as far as I knew -- amiss at that time.  I am not quick to make promises, because I take them very seriously.  And I meant it.  Unless his life were at stake, I would be bringing him home.  The post op went uneventfully, and we came home.  But that afternoon, as he waited for supper, he looked not well.  I figured that it was because supper was taking longer than usual, and he doesn't do well with that.  But he did not want to eat, and I could tell by his eyes that he was not feeling well.  I tried to give him some fruit that he likes instead, and he still declined.  I decided to bring him up to bed and try to make him feel better.  He was not himself.  Then as I got him ready for bed, there were more alarming details in his stats.  I hoped that a good night's sleep would bring things back to normal.  I ran out to the store and came home to find that he had thrown up again and Art was dealing with it.  More throwing up, diarrhea, a bad headache, and some other issues, and I began to really become concerned. 

I have experience with children.  I have pretty good intuition and instincts in these areas.  But this is a child that I have only met a few months ago, and most of it has been spent away from me.  And his health issues are so severe and so complex and so fragile.  Even very basic things could be serious with him.  It is a great responsibility and no chances can be taken.  We settled him again and continued to check on him throughout the night.  He was sleeping and I hoped all was fine but in the morning he had thrown up again and still his blood pressure was alarmingly low.  For a boy whose blood pressure is consistently high, this was all the more alarming.  A night's sleep did not do what I had hoped, and his headache and other symptoms continued.  I did all that I knew to do, but had to call the doctor since he would not eat or drink, showed all symptoms of dehydration at this point, and could not take his medications.  The doctor told me to bring him to the ER immediately.  

I did not think I could face him to tell him this.  There are so many times where it just seems to be too much, too difficult.  But despite it all, I had to face him and tell him the last thing in the world he wanted to hear.  And off he went with Art to the hospital.

He has faced some grave difficulties over the past 24 hours.  But tonight when we visited him, he had finally turned a corner, it seems.  He looked well and said he felt well.  Since his vomiting had finally stopped, he had finally managed to keep some food down.  Right now they feel it has all stemmed from a bladder infection, but we are still awaiting lab results.  We are very much hoping that the IV antibiotics are doing their work and that he may be released in the next few days or less.   He had just been starting to get into a routine.  He loves school, and we had just established bus service.  It is such an unfortunate setback.  This kid just can't seem to catch a break.  

So now I will post some photos from Easter, which I had not dreamt would not include Micaiah, but I hope he will look them over tomorrow and enjoy seeing them.

 First, an Easter morning photo of all our kids except for Micaiah.  
But look at the difference between this photo and our last family photo.  Hint:  look at Levi.  I'd say that's a big improvement!  A happy boy, looking at the camera!

 The three happy brothers. 

And here are single photos from after the family photo:



 Keziah Joy

 Levi (whom I did not realize still had Cocoa Puffs on his face)



 Well then....


 Candice, who doesn't like her picture taken.


 Laz thought this was hilarious.  Child restraints with a twist.

So we had a family discussion about celebrating Easter.  Some of our kids are getting too old for hunting eggs, and some of them just are not able to.  We wondered about something else we could do, perhaps a new tradition we could start that would involve everyone and that they all would enjoy without accumulating candy for kids who still haven't eaten all of their Christmas candy.    We decided to go to the early service at church, and then head over to the park with a picnic lunch.  

 I've been looking forward to bringing Levi to one of my favorite parks because it has a huge playground I had a suspicion he would love it.  He did. 

Hannah, the same as she was at three years old.

 Always looking for the most unconventional way to climb around a playground.

This boy had no fear.  He loved every bit of it.


 Canaan and Candice went paddle boating.

 And Hannah took some great, framable pictures.

 Can you tell who is who?

 And fun was had by all!

A few more things since last update:

 Hannah experimenting with some new pencil crayons she bought.  Captain America!

Hannah teaching the kids to do step dancing.

 With Canaan's wedding coming up, I figured it was high time I got a real haircut.

I like it.  Now to see if I can figure out how to keep it up. 

 So the school kids' "spring break" was Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We tried to keep them busy.  Here Micaiah did some painting, which he enjoys.  I'd like to say that he did this painting, but he still needs someone to sketch something for him to paint first, and then he fills it in.  But he does enjoy it quite a bit, and it keeps him busy.

Levi came along and wanted to paint as well.  A chicken of course.  (what wig?)

 Well, if it makes him happy....

 Here is Laz in his new walker with his new AFOs on.  It is about the width of his wheelchair.  It has a seat so that if he cannot stand, it will hold him up.  He needs a lot of practice, but he is doing well.

Cats like boxes.  I don't know why.



As I saw online: "Cat first world problems:  "I want to sleep on the laptop, but nobody's using it!"  
Yes, this is one more reason why I can't get any work done.  She will come up and do this, right in the middle of my typing.  A tad presumptuous I would say, but hey, who's to deny that cuteness?  

And one more smile from our Easter weekend.  Hannah has always been our Steve Irwin, knowing everything about all animals, and having no fear in catching them and studying them.  From the time she was two years old she could catch birds, lizards, and frogs with no hesitation.  And yes, when there is a snake in the neighborhood, everyone calls Hannah.  She'll pick it up.  I can't think of very many things she shy away from except maybe spiders and slugs.  She doesn't like them.  Everyone has their soft spot I guess.  When we first moved to NC eight years ago, we were interested in the abundance of Canadian geese that are in our area.  So of course Hannah caught one - carefully - to get a closer look.

We visited Canaan and Candice's new apartment this weekend and Candice was telling us about all the geese nesting by the pond outside her window.  When she went down to take a look, a male goose dive bombed her, hissing and protecting his nest where the female goose sat.  Of course Hannah had to take a look too, and make sure her skills were not getting rusty.  I love how protective the Daddy is.  Every good Daddy is protective of his babies.

Click here for the Goose video!


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  1. I hope Micaiah is feeling better. I've been praying for him and all of you.