Monday, March 10, 2014

Just keep swimming...

Hannah leads exercises for Canaan and Candice in the morning.  Kiki likes to take part.  :-)

My Ruby  <3

Pizza tolerates Ruby now.  She probably even likes her, but she won't admit that.


Hannah does lots of cool stuff with the girls' hair.  I love the curly pigtails.

Kiki helping Laz put on his socks and shoes.

Levi needs a little encouragement to get involved with activities, but Hannah provides lots of "encouragement" to the kids.  Here, once she got him to sit down and get involved, he had fun sorting out beads with the others.

What an awesome picture of our boy!  Look at that smile!  He is very happy, and holding a basket of eggs from his chickens.  

Micaiah decided to take part in Levi's interest in wigs from the dress up box.

So far Micaiah does not have much interest in children.  Not just our children but any children.  The kids try hard to involve him and interact with him anyway.  

Maggie has learned to be very persistent in trying to involve Micaiah.  On this day, she got out the Candy Land game and very patiently tried to show him how to play for quite a while.  He never did get the hang of it, but at least he cooperated for a little while and that's good.

I got this huge package of papers in the mail last week.  I opened and up and realized what it was.  No, it's not a phone book.  It's bigger than that.  When Miciah's leg was broken in the hospital, on the advice of an online friend I requested a free copy of his medical record, which ordinarily we would have to pay per page for.  Imagine my shock to discover that this package of many hundreds of pages is just one copy of his medical record from his time in the hospital!  Sheesh...

Here is Micaiah's desk at school.  He enjoys school very much, but has missed quite a bit due to snow days and doctor appointments.

The Ice Storm

After several lovely days of spring teasing us, we got hit with a sudden ice storm.  The next morning everything was not only white, but encased in ice.  It was an icy, frozen fairyland.  Unfortunately many people were without power, and some still are two days later.  We did not lose power at all and are thankful for that.  

Many people lost trees and branches.  Our willow tree took quite a hit, and we lost a big branch on one of front yard trees, but besides that, we had little damage.

So, anyone out there who has a daughter between the ages of 2 and 12 has probably not heard the song Let It Go enough times yet.  Not to be outdone, Hannah had the girls dress up and go out into our "Frozen" back yard to make a cover of Let It Go.  They had a blast.  Here are the links to the videos:

Mulan's got nothing on this beauty.  Be still my heart...  

Silas's back surgery went very well and he snapped back more quickly than ever.  He is a strong, brave little guy.  We are awaiting word on surgery dates for Eden's next surgery.  Besides that, each week is full of appointments, mostly for Micaiah, as we continue to address his ongoing issues.  Micaiah got the cast off of his leg this week.  There are many decisions to be made regarding his health, and physical and mental issues.  We are continuing to search for the right doctors and get him the care he needs.  Some of the appointments have been frustrating as some treatments are contingent on other issues being addressed first.  We are still waiting to having his myelomenengiocele closed surgically, but are having a difficult time getting him in to be seen by the neurosurgeon.  It's odd that a myelomenengiocele is so urgent that newborns don't leave the hospital without it being closed, and yet this kid has waited 16 years to have his closed, and the neurosurgeons can't seem to find it important enough to schedule him more than six months out.  We continue to work on this.  He cannot get his wheelchair custom fitted until this is addressed, and it causes him considerable discomfort as it is like an open wound.  

Each day is full to overflowing, and I am left more exhausted than I ever thought I could be, but at least I have a little friend to keep me company.  
I <3 my kitty 
my kitty <3 me