Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Eve update

Can you say stir crazy?  Micaiah has been in the hospital for two months now.  While he is feeling better than he probably ever has, he does understand that he is not home.  I was worried that he thought he just went from one institution to another, but a doctor from another floor came in.  She introduced herself and told us that she speaks Russian and has been visiting Micaiah.  In fact, her 13 year old son has been talking to him on the phone.  We were thrilled to have another opportunity to try to communicate more effectively with him.  She chatted with him and told us that he does understand that he is in the hospital and is waiting to go home for reals.  We explained he would be coming home at last on Thursday.  

Despite the long and complicated process, we finally began dialysis training on Monday.  It would take to long to explain everything, and how mixed up it all was.  But the bottom line is that we accomplished five days of training in three days, and we had an awesome trainer.  It was a little difficult doing it in-patient in the hospital (as they told us we had to do) and we did not end up doing much of anything that needed Micaiah to be there.  In fact, he was quite the distraction while we tried to learn.  But we got it done and passed both the written exam and the physical test.  It is a lot more complicated than I imagined.  There is so much to remember, and so much equipment involved.  

So Art and I were there for three days, and each day Micaiah repeatedly checked with us how many days were left until he came home.  He understood and he was ready!  Until the day before his release.  We were told that some infection was found and to be safe they had to do a 48 hour culture to see what sort of infection it was.  He cannot be released until after the 48 hours and they know whether he need IV antibiotics or can go home on oral ones.  This is disappointing, especially for him.  It was very difficult to try to explain to him why he couldn't come home when we said he could.  I feel bad because he has been told so many times that it will be "soon".  But then again, so have we.  

So, we should know tomorrow about the infection.  In the meantime, an unprecedented snowstorm has hit our area.  We have not had a dump of snow like this since we moved here, and it has slowed everything down to a crawl, complicating even Micaiah's homecoming.  His dialysis supplies have not been able to be delivered because of the weather.  So, we all wait.  

In the mean time....

 Hannah gets a hair cut every six months or so, whether she needs it or not. 

 So here's the before...

And here's the after.  Wow wow wow!!


 Eden washing dishes.

 And now some snow pictures.

Waffles.  He just loves the snow.  He's a big waffley happy puppy.


I knew Laz was really excited about the snow, but I also knew he wouldn't like it if he got snow up his sleeves or down his pants.  So, I set him on a chair to watch the others, and play with the snow, and later took him out on the wagon.  He loved it.

These silkie chickens are pretty amazing.  They put up with a lot of cold and do very well.  All the same, I feel sorry for them and bring out a hot water bottle on cold days and nights like this.  They huddle around it.  They are really sweet chickens.  

Now interestingly, Levi was not very impressed with the snow.  He did not want to go out and play with the others.  And had no interest in it at all until I chased him in the house with a snowball and threw it at him, which he thought was hilarious.  Then he agreed to come outside for a little bit.  He was not out for long, but he was all Levi while he was out.  

Everyone says what a great smile Laz has.  I'd have to agree!

 The happy little family.

 Of course Canaan has to climb on the roof of the shed.

 And then jump off....

 Hannah and Canaan and Candice took the four on a walk to the lake.

 Candice and Canaan.

 Canaan really likes Candice.  I don't know if anyone has ever looked at me like that.  It's heartwarming.

 Warming up by the fire after the walk.  A warm fire, and a warm kitten.

 Too cute...  I want to come back in my next life as a kitten as loved as Rhubarb. 

And a great way to end a big snow day?  A bonfire in the backyard in your pajamas.  And tomorrow is another snow day, and then the weekend.  What will the next few days bring?   Check back and see!


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  1. You are by far my favorite blog on the internet. :) I so want to know Levi. He seems like an *amazing* boy, as do your other children.

    Keep up the good work. You are the kind of parents I hope I can be to my son, and God willing, to an adopted child some day. (I'm adopted too)