Friday, January 17, 2014

No news is... no news

Some have asked how Micaiah is doing and if there is anything new.  He is still in the hospital and continuing to progress.  He had the surgery to place the catheter so that he can have peritoneal dialysis instead of the dialysis where we would have to go in to a center three times a week for several hours.  The peritoneal dialysis is a type that can be done at home which is very good.  It does, however require training to do, which I assumed would be going in for an afternoon to be taught how to do it.  But no.  Apparently it is a five day, 40 hour course.  I was really surprised.  Again I thought we were in an impossible spot, but my son has agreed to take the course.  I asked the social worker who is scheduling the course how people are able to do this.  When people work and have children and jobs and school, who can do this?  She said that people take vacation time, but she also realizes that other people are prepared for this, and know far in advance that they will be needing to do it and plan accordingly.  She said obviously our situation is quite different.  Yes, we used up all our vacation time (and more) just getting him home! 

So Micaiah is continuing to heal and yesterday they tried the peritoneal dialysis for the first time.  It did not go as well as they hoped and they will continue to work towards getting him on that process.  He will not be allowed to be discharged until it is working well, and when we have completed the training to do it at home.  So, we are looking at at least a week more, if not two.  Meanwhile, he has been getting OT and PT and has been getting up each day to wander around the halls in his wheelchair which he enjoys.  He is comfortable and being very well cared for.   We continue to visit him every day, mostly my husband. 

Levi is continuing to adjust to being in a family and is a delight.  Every day he makes us smile and laugh.  He is grasping English very quickly, and he is just a very happy and pleasant boy.  He will be starting school at the Newcomers' School on January 28th.  We toured the school today and registered him.  It seems like it will be a very good fit, but if we decide it is not a good choice for him, we will just bring him home again.  I am nervous about this, but am hopeful of all the good it may do for him. 

So this is not a lot of progress, but it is all that is happening right now.  We continue to wait for things to move forward. 


  1. Maybe it is no news to you who lives it, but for us, your readers, who care about you it is definitely news :-) And if not progress, at least things are not going backwards, which I guess it could be, considering some other blogs I've read over the years! I'm happy to hear about Levi. Such a blessing that he is such a lovely boy!

  2. Praying that he will be able to come home soon!

  3. Yes, THANK YOU, Alynn, for taking the time to write this. As Milena said above, it might not be "news" to those of you immersed in the situation, but to those of us on the outside who have learned to love you (even though we've never met), to those of us who are praying for you, two weeks of dead silence in this kind of situation is a very l-o-o-o-n-g time.

    Lengthy updates with lots of pictures are wonderful; a few short paragraphs (like you wrote above) give us the basics, and let us know that you aren't plunged into some kind of major crisis. And -- the fact that he is up roaming the halls in his wheel chair is HUGE news, unless he's been doing that for a while now and you just forgot to tell us.

    The possibility that he might be able to come home in a couple of weeks is also HUGE. The last I heard, it sounded like he might be in the hospital indefinitely (as in months, or maybe not ever get out).

    Thanks again for your update!