Sunday, November 3, 2013

October and Hallowe'en

 This is the first year that the kids were able to completely carve their pumpkins themselves.

 Cleaning out pumpkin guts.

 Silas carving the Legend of Zelda tri-force symbol.

 Hannah watching.

 Maggie helping Eden to do some.  I love this picture.

Eden is pleased!

 The girls did the owl one. 


Hannah's work has a Hallowe'en party every year.  This year they decided to have the workers all dress up in a certain theme and they decided to do Minions from the movie Despicable Me.  
And for my Mom and Dad, here is what Minions are:

So, Hannah volunteered to take care of the costumes, and I agreed to help her with one of my signature statements, "How hard could it be?"  (If I had a nickel...)

To begin, I made paper machier domes with exercise balls as the forms.  I had two of the exercise balls, so I could do two at a time, and then had to wait for it to dry.  I had to do at least three layers of the paper machier, so this took a few days to do.

 And here is one of the reasons I don't enjoy my own creative endeavors.  What a mess.  I don't mind a mess for a day or two, for a good cause, but when it starts stretching out to several days, I get itchy.  And just for the record, November 1st was spent in a big cleaning and reorganizing of everything and I got my kitchen and dining room back again.  It was wonderful!

I covered each dome with yellow felt, which was a little trickier than I expected.  I also discovered that when you plunge your finger in hot glue, it's hot.  Did you know that honey is good on burns when nothing else can alleviate the pain?  Learn something new every day.  

Anyway, after the domes were covered in felt, Hannah painted on mouths and expressions, and she also made the eyes and goggles.  These are the personality of each Minion and she did an amazing job.

So there were eight costumes to do, and here are five of the heads.  The kids tried them on.

 A van full of minions on the way to Taekwondo.

I sewed the overall/body sections.  This was a little tricky too.  Some of the bodies fit the costumes better than others, but overall, I think the design worked out pretty well.  

Here is Hannah with Canaan as Finn and Candice as Flame Princess from Adventure Time.  

(For Mom and Dad:)

 I feel that the point of dressing up for Hallowe'en is that each kid enjoys what they are wearing and knows what it is.  There are so few things that Laz understands what they are, that it was difficult to choose something for him that would be fun for him.  But as we were putting together the minions each day, he would laugh at the faces and just loved pointing at them and smiling.  So we decided he might get a kick out of being a minion himself.  And he did.  Hannah painted the minion on a yellow fleece tunic.  He could not wear a mask or head gear because they did not allow it at school, but he was tickled to be wearing the costume to school.

Also, notice how well he is standing here.  He is very far from standing alone, but he can bear weight on his legs now, which is a huge help for me because I can set him down with some support and don't have to continuously carry him.  This is a bigger deal than you would think.  He is continuing to get stronger and more able to do things.  We have him scheduled to get botox for his legs so that he will not cross his legs so much which we hope will help him to improve in his walking.  He works every day in a stander, to increase weight bearing on his legs, and with a walker.  We have a walker on order, but it will take a while before we will get it.  Going to Haynes-Inman school has been an amazing thing for him. He gets therapy every single day, and basically is engaged in activities the entire time he is there.  He has already begun to do things that I was not sure he would ever do.  His teacher is also amazing and loves her little class of eight SN kids.  We are very thankful and blessed that he has this opportunity.

 Isaac said he wanted to be a pirate like Jack Sparrow.  He's been saying it for weeks.  He said he had everything he needed from our dress up boxes.  I kept asking, "Are you sure you have everything you need?" He assured me he did.  Then on Hallowe'en morning I told him to go and get his costume.  He brought back a hat, a black vest, and an eye patch.  I calmly told him to take off everything but his underwear and put on his costume.  Well, wish I'd taken a picture of that.  It was hilarious the look on his face.  I said, "Okay, are you ready to go trick or treating?"  He stood there in his little camo underwear, a black vest, a pirate hat, and an eye patch.  Lessons learned.  Thank goodness for Hannah.  She told him to come upstairs with her.  Half an hour later, this is what he looked like.  Once again, Hannah saves the day.  She is amazing. 

 And doesn't he look pretty amazing (with facial and chest hair no less)?  He is a very pretty pirate I think!


 Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

And next we have Jewel from Lala Loopsy.

 Eden adores Lala Loopsies.  I copped out on this costume and bought it.  I could have made something, but with everything else I had going on, when I found a costume on ebay that would do the trick, I went for it.  Eden loved it.

 Maggie chose to be a zebra this year.

 Hannah did the face paint and I sewed the costume.

 I made her headpiece with holes along the back of the head to pull her hair out to look like a mane. 

Thaddeus didn't need a costume, so he just held a pumpkin for us.

The 2013 Baker Hallowe'en gang. 
You may notice that Silas did not have dress up.  He could not come up with anything he really wanted to dress up as, and in the end, he just opted out, which was fine.  I think he might change his mind next year though.  It wasn't much fun just sitting home with Dad giving out candy.  A little too late I thought of something I know he would have loved to be:  Aragorn.  But, maybe next year. 

 Kiki on Hallowe'en morning, very excited waiting at the door.

And a few miscellaneous picts.  Here is Donut curled up on a crayon bed.  

 Donut is a very social kitty.  She loves to come up to you, and if you don't give her attention, she will calmly sit on whatever you are working on.

 A determined boy will not let that keep him from getting his schoolwork done!

Our maple tree out front seemed to turn color overnight.  It is gorgeous.

Canaan sporting a handle bar moustache.  LOL!

 Eden was in the kitchen pretending to cook an elaborate dinner.  Then I looked more closely at what she was cooking:

 Lala Loopsy stew I guess.  Yum.

 Summer is officially over when the pool gets taken down.  It is always a bit sad to do that.  But then the pool ground becomes a bonfire pit until next spring.  We roasted hot dogs and it was a beautiful day.

My Ghana babies huddled together on a chilly, fall day.

And that catches us up to speed as we enter into November.  Before the end of the month we hope to have our two new boys home.  Your continued prayers are appreciated as we complete what is needed to get them home.  



  1. You and Hannah make a great team, everyone looked amazing in their costumes!

  2. Those minion costumes are absolutely amazing! Wow! I honestly don't know how you do it. We are praying and waiting expectantly for our 2 new friends to arrive. What a big, big, beautiful family. Love it.