Wednesday, October 16, 2013

While We Were Away

So the time at last came to embark on our adventure to bring home two boys from 
Eastern Europe. 

Waiting at the airport until it is time to board.

Well this picture pretty much sums it up.  The hardest part about leaving is, well... leaving.  So hard to leave my babies behind.  But they were in very good hands.

On the way home from the airport, Hannah and Canaan took them for a big treat:  McDonald's for lunch!  And they brought it down to the park by the lake to eat.

Skipping stones.

The babies love Candice and she is so good with them!

And what else is there to do while Mom and Dad are gone?  Time for a photo shoot on the trampoline.  (And no, we don't know why Isaac is wearing a Taekwondo helmet.  It's just Isaac.)

My girls

And there was plenty of baking going on.  Here the kids made a coconut cake and decorated it.

A backyard picnic of pancakes and bacon, Canaan style.

And they worked on a surprise for us when we got home.  Our dining room is decorated with various giraffes, many of them creations from the kids.  We were missing some representation by the littlest ones, so Hannah had them work on art projects of giraffes.  Then she framed them and hung them.

By Silas.  Water color, and he used leaves to make the leaf patterns.

Eden's creation, showing her personality.

By Maggie.

And this was a masterpiece for Kiki!

Isaac's creation. I love this one; so creative.  

Hannah and Canaan and Candice all worked together to make sure the kids were well cared for and busy the whole time.  Hannah had Maggie and Eden learn a dance to a new K-pop song, with choreography she came up with herself.  They worked hard on it and it was adorable.  Hannah had the morning shifts while Canaan was at school, and she kept up with their schoolwork too.  They got Laz on and off the bus each day, and took care of him when he got a stomach bug and threw up all day one day and had to stay from school.  Canaan and Candice took care of them in the evenings with feeding and bathing and teeth brushing and putting to bed.  They were all amazing together and we are so thankful.


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