Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Next Adventure Begins

 So tomorrow our next big adventure begins.  I thought I'd put off packing a little longer and update the few remaining pictures before we post from Europe.

 This child is awesomely lovely, is she not?

 And not only lovely, but hilarious.  Underwear and bathing suits don't always work together. 

 A few engagement pictures.

 And soon this photo will have two more faces.  What a joy and a privilege it is to embark on this journey to ransom two more boys and give them hope and a future.  Make no mistake, it is a long, arduous process, but love always means sacrifice.  It is an honor for God to have asked us to do this.  He must have known we would not say no. 

"Jesus said, 'If you love Me, you will do what I command.' He didn't say if you love Me, sing about it, talk about it, write poetry about it, think about it, pray about it. He said if you love Me, obey, do what I say. The only valid test of our love for God is obedience.   -Elisabeth Elliot

While I do not look forward to missing my little ones, and I do not look forward to the long travel, or being away from home, I can't wait to see these boys' faces as they learn that they are orphans no more, and that they have brothers and sisters, and a mom and dad, and that hundreds of people around the world have been loving them and praying for them for so long.  May God's hand be on them as they wait, and on us all as we storm the castle!  


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