Thursday, August 22, 2013

Has it been a month already?

I was appalled to see how long it has been since I have updated anything here.  Hence, this will be a long post.  I have lots of pictures to share, but not much order to them.  So I just uploaded them and we'll take them as they come...

We'll start with my grandkitty, Donut.  She's such a sweetie.  She comes to visit Gam-Gam almost every day.  

Here is a shot of Silas at his guitar lesson.  Maggie and Silas both take music lessons from Mr. Shane who is awesome!  If anyone local wants a great music teacher, he's the one!

I just love how my kids all accept each other and help each other out.  Here Eden is teaching Laz how to play with this toy, and Kiki is watching.  

We just finished up a science unit about insects.  My kids have NO fear of insects.  It's really something.  I have had to show no fear as well.   Here is Kiki holding a cicada.  They all took such an interest in all the insects, and were constantly bringing in bugs to show me.  I especially enjoyed the day we learned about wasps and I facetiously told Maggie to go outside and catch one.  Five minutes later she was back inside with a huge wasp in a jar.  Oh my.  

Five year olds are not the best at holding kitties.  Donut is so tolerant.

The Tooth Fairy might as well rent a room at our house (if we had one, that is).  We've got teeth coming out left and right.  Kiki lost her first tooth.  She was quite surprised.

And in church last Sunday, Laz started pointing at his mouth, and sure enough, he had a tooth just falling out!  It didn't even bleed!  Since we have no idea how old he really is, we were surprised at this one too!  He didn't know what to make of it.  

Eden just being Eden.

Canaan just being Canaan.

Visiting my friend Shelli's ranch/menagerie.   The kids love visiting her house; it's like a field trip.

This was Laz's first time to see the animals and he was not afraid.  He was very interested.


I downloaded pictures from my phone, and found this one of Hannah skating last winter.  Too good not to share.  Is there anything she can't do?

Hannah at Myrtle Beach.  Canaan went to a wedding of his friend, and Hannah and Windsor came along for the ride.   It's no Lake Worth Beach, but they said they enjoyed it.  Saying you are going to the nicest beach in NC is like saying you're going to the tallest mountain in Florida.  Once you've seen the real thing, nothing else quite compares.  One of the many reasons we don't go to the beach.

They rented bikes and biked around a bit.

Windsor taught me how to make Haitian chicken, Haitian beans and rice, and fried plantains.  I can do it all by myself now!  It is incredible.

Another example of how the kids all work together.  Maggie is leading them in some exercises that Laz needs to do.  He cooperates better for her than for me.  The other kids are joining in so he will think it is fun and will do the exercises.

More insect fun.  The butterfly is on Canaan's nose, if you didn't notice.

Romantic I guess?

Kiki's turn.

Hannah designs many things for her Taekwondo school.  She has designed several shirts, and here is the demo team uniform that she designed and they all wear for competitions.  

We were thrilled when Canaan brought us home a full sized skeleton!!  How awesome is that?  They were getting rid of it at one of his clinicals, and he asked if he could have it.  I was delighted.  We named him Thaddeus.

So about once a week the kids dress him up.  I have not taken enough pictures of all his disguises.  My favorite was the cowboy.  I'll have to have them do that one again.

They called this one, "The moves like Jagger".


Just a couple random Hannah pictures.


Hannah at work.  She is tremendously good at what she does.

This was at an open house at the school.  Hannah was preparing to have Silas break a board.  I love the look on his face.

Laz, observing.

Do-Do loves Gam-Gam;  Gam-Gam loves Do-Do.


So after 27 years of marriage, my manly man decided he wanted to make a bed for me.  We have never had bedroom furniture.  In fact, Art still uses the dresser he used when he was a boy.  Pretty much all of our furniture is hand-me-down, curb-side finds, or Craigslist.  I have never had a headboard/bed, which is no big deal, but Art decided he wanted to make one for me.

Canaan helping and learning.

Handsome boy.  I was trying to get a shot of his concentration, but as soon as he saw me, he couldn't stop smiling.  

Yep, those guns are all mine.  Don't go and be all jealous now.

It's hard to make people believe how busy I am when I take time out to make nighties for my girls.  But, sometimes you just have to do stuff like that.  Soon they will be grown and won't want homemade nighties from Mommy.  

Maggie showing Laz something on the phone.  Look at the intensity!

Another day of working on the bed.  Here Silas is helping to sand, with the other kids too.
Unfortunately, as of writing this, I do not have a picture to share of the finished product because it is not quite finished yet.  Stay tuned.

Even Laz got a turn, to his delight.

I love this picture.  Besides being a nice picture of Eden, do you notice that this is the first picture of Eden where her cheek does not still look swollen?  It has taken months for the swelling to go down.  Just look at that beautiful face! 

Donut loves to hang out while the kids do schoolwork.  She's a social little thing and I love that.

Not sure who is copying whom here.

How can I get any work done when the kitten curls up and lays her head on my hand and goes to sleep?


Beautiful Maggie.  Wish I hadn't cut off the top of her head here.

Maggie learning to sew.  She is making herself a dress.  She has been wanting to learn for a while now, so we finally started.

Cats love pattern pieces for some reason.
She did great.  The dress is not quite finished.  Pictures coming soon!
And our most exciting and recent news is that we finally have an appointment date for seeing our boys.  We will be leaving Sept 22nd to meet them.  Prayers are appreciated.  We have a FB group if anyone wants to follow along on our journey.  I am not allowed to post photos or videos or any detailed information on this blog, so if anyone wants the skinny and the day by day blow, you'll have to access the FB group.  It is a closed group.  LMK.
Much to do; much to do.  Much to plan, lists to make, things to think about.  More to come...