Sunday, May 26, 2013

Canaan's birthday and other goings-on

So behind in blogging.  I have ideas in my head of being one of those bloggers that post insightful entries, and has hundreds of blog followers.  I have a lot of thoughts and ideas, and have even written many down.  But to get them from thought to blog seems to be pretty insurmountable right now.  It's all I can do to get a few pictures up for the grandparents.  Add to it that I don't remember to take pictures, and the pictures I take are hardly professional quality.  Nonetheless, here is what I have to offer for now:

Canaan.  No he's not doing surgery.  He's changing a diaper.  

Beautiful hands....

...and beautiful feet.

Laz feeding the dog.  :-)

Everyone learns to do chores.  Here Laz is helping to empty the dryer.

Flipping the boards on the deck, to get a few more years' life out of it.

Everyone helps.

Laz really loves to ride on the mower.

Just pretending.

Okay, so it was a busy Sunday morning, and I turned to ask Canaan to quickly put some things in Kiki's hair.  He responded, "You could ask me to do a knee replacement surgery right now and I would be more comfortable..."  But he did a great job, and we still got to church on time.  :-)

Awww.... this warms my heart.  

This is Risk I think.  

Laz is doing well for the mostpart.  He has his AFO's now, which are leg braces. With these, he will eventually learn how to walk.  He can stand in them, and we are getting limited success with walking.  I truly believe that with some cooperation, and with him realizing that this will do him good, this would not take long at all.  He is very strong.  We are battling his will and his attitude, and for that, we covet your prayers.

Kiki is such a beautiful little girl now. And she has been doing so well with her speech and educational therapies.  She loves her teachers.  Here she is gluing sequins onto her sparkly fish.

Another rare shot of Laz standing with his AFOs on, and not crying.  If gives me a glimpse of what we have to look forward to!  

Which is which?  Maggie is on the left.  Eden's hair is finally as long as Maggie's.  She's been wanting this for as long as she could talk about it.  Her hair is thinner because they shaved a large portion for her last surgery, but it is finally long and she is beautiful as always.

One of our favorite parts of spring is watching the birds build nests in our backyard.   Here is a little wren who built a nest in this little crack between an old herb pot and a plastic planter.  It was amazing.  And four little baby wrens flew away.  

Maggie got a Target card from Grandma and Grandpa for her birthday.  They usually pick out the nicest selections for clothes for our kids' birthdays, and this is the one time of year my kids get brand new clothes from a store, so they look forward to it.  But this year was right after one of Grandma's surgeries so she sent a card and told Maggie to pick out her own outfit this time.  We finally got around to getting her there to do it, and she selected this dress all on her own, and also a pair of shorts.  I thought it was marvelous because I never would have stopped to look at this dress, and yet it looks amazing on her.  

I really love the back, and that it is longer in the back than the front.

More work on the deck.  

And seeing Canaan out working on the deck reminded me of the last time we flipped a deck on our back porch in Florida.  Canaan helped his Dad back then too, and probably almost as effectively.  Bahahaha.  Well look at how well my cute boy grew up.  sniff!

Pool time.  Yes, in NC you get the best of all worlds.  It is beautiful here, and you get four seasons of three months each.  I grew up in Canada where you have nine months of winter and three months of summer, and then moved to Florida where you get eleven months of summer and one month of spring/fall.   This is the place to be!   Laz got his first taste of the pool and he likes it!

So the next birthday on our docket is Canaan's 21st!  The cake was a request from Canaan for James Baxter, the horse, from Adventure Time.  I'd explain it more but, well, it's not worth it.  

The birthday fingers shot.  

The cake, incidentally, was a large, raspberry cream roulade, rolled very wide and laid on it's side so that when you cut into it, the layers are vertical instead of horizontal.  Then it was frosted with buttercream.  It was yummy!

The kids all know him well, and they all got him edible gifts, all his favorite things.

Sour airheads.

Kiki went and wrapped up two of her own "gifts".  Not much of a surprise, but I guess it's the thought that counts.

He said he liked the shirt, but he still hasn't worn it.  Typical.  

Love this picture.  Such beautiful kids.

The deck still isn't done?

More pool time.

Marker moustaches and beards.  Canaan's jealous.

Just some of the paperwork for our dossier for the Brothers.

This is what Laz really thinks of his AFOs.  

Pretty, pretty girl.  You can see that her cheek is almost back to normal, but still a little puffy on the left side (her right).  Hoping that after her next surgery it will even out.

My Sunshine.

Impromptu stagecoach fun.  Of course everyone is included.  Look at Laz in the middle between the girls.  The best thing I ever gave my kids is each other.

Stagecoach was "robbing evil guys" I am told.  
(I don't get it either Plank.)

Playing a little Just Dance 4, and dancing to the Wild Wild West.  Yeehaw!

I love it.

Playing hide and go seek.  Kiki hid in the garbage can.  It was hilarious.

This was awesome.  I have some video if I can figure out how to post it.  Maggie has been working with Laz with some flashcards.  She shows him pictures and tries to get him to copy her sounds.  This is very difficult for him.  Laz is non-verbal but since he has been home he has learned a handful of words.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort for him to coordinate his muscles and his breath to make a sound.  He does get speech therapy, but up to now, he does not cooperate with the speech therapist much at all.  But he will cooperate for Maggie, so she is the one who has been making progress with him.  
Then one day this week as we were doing schoolwork, we looked over and saw Kiki holding up the flashcards for Laz, just like she's seen Maggie do, and saying words for him to copy.  Keep in mind, she doesn't articulate a whole lot better than he does, but she was saying each word very carefully, and when he would try to say something in return -- and he was cooperating with her -- she would say "Good job, Laz!"  It was just adorable.  I just sat back and watched thinking, this is what it's all about.  The one little one teaching the other one, and doing a better job than the real speech therapist!   Warms my heart.  The best thing I ever gave my kids was each other.  Oh, did I say that already?  Well, it must be true then.



  1. So glad to hear you wouldn't mind having hundreds of followers, as I've been quietly following your blog since I heard your family was adopting Emmitt. I'd been praying for a family for him for over a year and have been delighted to get a glimpse into the wonderful family he'll be joining soon. We're continuing to pray for a smooth and quick process and hope to donate more soon. Best wishes!

  2. Just found your family through R.R and I'm so glad I did! I had to laugh a little at your descriptions of Laz in this post because it sounds just like our newest son. He also hates his new AFO's and some days he just plain refused to even stand up...many tears...and somedays' he's eager to practice walking. It's great to "meet" another family who knows what that's like.

  3. p.s I just realized we have three of our kids names in common...Samuel, Elijah, and Silas.

  4. Just finished reading this - Julia said "I LOVE Alynn's blogs!" I have to agree wholeheartedly! I am crazy about the picture of all your hands! I want one! That would be a great christmas card pic, too! But, seriously . . . I want one!