Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Valentine's Day and so on...

Valentine's Day I usually try to do something special, a nice breakfast, decorations, little gifts for each one.  But this year, with our new little guy home, and just being overwhelmed with so many things, I decided I'd just have to let it go this year.  But not without feeling plenty guilty about it.  
But when I woke up on Valentine's morning, I thought I might at least run downstairs and try to make a nice breakfast and cut a few hearts out.  But when I came downstairs, this is what I found:

Hannah did it.  And all as a surprise.  Decorations, little gifts and love notes at each plate, and Hannah cooking breakfast.  She's a keeper.  

(And yeah, this is what my girl looks like first thing in the morning.  And yes, she's still single.  No, I can't figure it out either.)

Hannah bought an "I love you" heart balloon for Laz.  She said, "This is his first Valentine's Day to know that he is loved."  And man, did this boy dig that balloon!  He loved it and almost didn't let it go for the next three days, until he loved it so much it popped.  

Laz continues to progress each day.  He is communicating more, and now is saying a few words. 

The girls playing with Laz out back.  I love the way that they include him without question.  I was initially a little worried how the kids would accept him, and his limited abilities.  They seemed a little taken aback the first day, but after that, they all just fell in stride so marvelously that I am just so proud of them.  Maggie, especially, just takes care of him like a big sister, and includes him in everything pretty much.

Maggie likes to work on agility with Biscuit.  Biscuit's getting kind of old for it now, but she loves the attention, and the treats for performing.  They are really cute together.

Biscuit jumping over the bar.

I walked in the living room to find this.  They had made a fort, and all six kids were underneath it having a tea party!  It was over the top adorable.  I tried to take pictures of inside the fort, but they didn't capture it.  All you can see here is Eden's little butt poking out under the blanket.  

Maggie helping Laz to go down the slide.  He likes to try anything that the other kids can do.

My little cheerleader!  I would never have guessed how much Eden would love cheerleading, or how good she would be at it!  She is a JOY to watch cheer!!  I have some video, but will figure out how to post it soon.

Canaan and his team.



Playing dress up with Laz.  He's wearing a Darth Vader mask and grinning from ear under it.

There's the smile!

Curious Kiki and the man in the yellow hat.

It's fun to see how Kiki has taken to Laz.  Art said from the beginning that Laz would be so good for Kiki and Kiki would be so good for Laz.  Everybody needs somebody.  Art said it wouldn't surprise him it she made that boy walk.  And here she is teaching him to scoot on his butt across the floor.  She just is dragging him along and laughing and won't take no for an answer.  He is happy to comply.

And what a busy house it is around here.  I can honestly say that Laz has been the easiest transition yet.  Either that, or I am just getting more used to this.  Maybe a little of both.  But it is definitely a very busy house these days.  Just wait until the next one comes home!

Eden has surgery next week (March 13th).  It is a major surgery and we appreciate your prayers.  This will be her ninth surgery attempting to close her palate.  We have a new surgeon who is wonderful.  We are in good hands, but this will be a very hard surgery on my Sunshine.  They will be taking bone and muscle from her scalp to close her palate as all the tissue from her cheeks has been harvested already.  They often take the bone graft from the hip bone, but in her case he is also going to need some muscle tissue, so he is taking from her scalp.  She has worked so hard to grow her hair out too.  He is going to do all that he can in this surgery, but his main goal is to finally close that palate so that we can finally begin speech therapy.  Please keep us in your prayers.  It is a difficult time for everybody, and I am also considering how Laz is going to take having me gone for several days.  He pitches a fit when I leave the house just to run an errand!  (Which is wonderful, incidentally, because it means his attachment has gone really well.)



  1. I'm praying for you folks, and will pray for Eden and her surgery tomorrow.

    Cleveland, TN

  2. How did Eden's surgery go yesterday? I have been praying for her, and for all of you. I keep checking your blog for an update, but haven't seen one. (You probably haven't had time, and that's OK -- your kids are your first responsibility. I am interested though, whenever you have time to post even a short update.)