Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on Eden

Eden went in Wednesday for her big surgery to repair her palate.  This is her ninth surgery.  They are doing a bone graft this time taking bone, muscle and tissue from her scalp.
Here she is with Maggie the night before her surgery.  She was nervous.  She is old enough now to remember that it is not fun.
You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
Here she is in pre-op.  They are very nice here.   Eden colored some pictures and then the lady came in who talks to them and gives them stuff.  I think she was called a "Child Life Specialist".  She recognized me from all the times I've been there with Silas.
You make me happy
When skies are gray
She gave Eden a soft, pink fleece blanket with cats on it to keep!  And an American girl little sewing kit.  They get lots of cool stuff from volunteer organizations.  The sewing kit helped a lot, because it was a great distraction for her while she was waiting and got her mind off of things.
Not to invade her privacy too much, but here is a small shot of her before mouth for those who are wanting to understand what exactly she lives with and what is being repaired.  We know we are in very good hands with this new surgeon.  He came highly recommended by Silas's surgeon, and ever since then we keep running into people who have come to him from all over the country and just love him.  They say he does miracles.  He is very gentle and I like the way he works with her and the way he approaches her problems. 
This past week I came across an article on Facebook about a little girl who was born with no eyes and no nose and how a surgeon in Charlotte is completely rebuilding a nose for her.  I checked and sure enough, it is Eden's surgeon. 
And in the recovery room, the nurse taking care of Eden casually remarked that Eden's surgeon was the best and had been her surgeon.  I thought, do you mean for your child?  No, he had repaired her palate too and I was amazed because I never would have guessed she had had a cleft palate as it was indiscernible visually and she spoke completely normally.   Lots of confirmation!
You'll never know dear
How much I love you...
She was back in surgery for over five hours.  When I came to the recovery room, even though I was told what to expect, it was just such a shock.  I burst into tears. 
She has had a rough night.  With so much blood going back down her throat, she has just been vomiting a lot of blood and hasn't been able to keep any liquids down.  She finally slept a bit in the early morning hours.  Many thanks to those who have been praying.  These are the hard parts of adopting kids with special needs.  You know you will have to go through these things and it is so difficult.  When it is your child, dearly loved, suffering, and you can't do anything, it just has to be the most difficult thing.
The surgeon is very pleased with how much he was able to get accomplished.  Her hole is closed, and now we pray that it "takes" and stays closed.  He was able to reconstruct the floor of her nasal cavity.  She is still bleeding from mouth, nose and head, but not as much.  We are still trying to stay on top of the nausea and as of today (11:00 Thursday) she still has not been able to keep anything down, and is still needing the heavy meds to control her pain.  Her head is hurting a lot now as the local anesthetics have worn off.  So much for such a sweet little girl to handle.  And she has been sooo brave.  I am so proud of her. 

Please don't take
my Sunshine


  1. Thank you, Alynn, for the update and pictures. I will continue praying for Eden, and for you, and for your entire family.


  2. We are all praying for your sweet girl. May our Heavenly Father make all that pain minimal and may she have a miraculous recovery. Eden, you are loved by so many!

  3. How is Eden doing? And how about Laz, with you having to spend a lot of time at the hospital so soon after he came home?

  4. I will try to post some more photos later today. She is doing okay, but definitely not back to her Sunshiney self yet. :-( Lots of swelling. But she is progressing.

    As for Laz, I think the timing for this turned out to be really good after all. I was worried about it for sure, but it seems that the time I have had with him really established in his head that I am his primary caregiver and he had established really good bonding. Then for me to leave for a few days helped him to realize that even if I am not there, his needs were still met, and also showed him that when I leave, I always come back. I was afraid he would have an attitude when I got back, but he just gave me a huge smile and hugged me and went on like nothing was any different! Thanking God for this as well. Thanks for asking about him!