Monday, March 18, 2013

More on Eden

 Some of you have asked for an update on Eden.  I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and prayer for our sweet girl.  We knew this would be a tough one, and it is.  But each day she is progressing.  Here she was, finally sitting up and showing a little bit of interest in some toys. 
And then the big head bandages came off, but not without protest!
The cut begins at below her right ear, and continues a little beyond the midline of her skull.  Lots of staples holding it all together.
Here she is talking on the phone to Canaan.

My kids miss their brothers and sisters so much when they are in the hospital.  It is one of the toughest things for them.  Mr. Homer and Mrs. Cindy blessed her with the best gift they could have:  they drove Maggie, Silas, and Isaac down to Charlotte to see her on Friday night!  She was so surprised and it lifted her spirits immensely. 
It is hard being the cheerleader for someone who is going through so much, and who just wants to go home.  This was a great blessing not only for her, but for me too.


We also had a visit from our dear friends Ohilda, Kai and AJ.  If it were not for Ohilda, Eden might not even be in our family today, and I will never forget how God used her in this mighty way.  This visit was also a great encouragement for Eden, especially since they walked in when she was having a very hard time.  But I think it was even a greater encouragement to me!  Thank you, friend, for lifting MY spirits, so I could better care for her!
But despite all of this, even once she got home, it just seemed like her spark of sunshine was gone.  So we waited and we prayed.  It was not until mid morning this morning that I finally breathed a sigh of relief.  Isaac started playing with her, and she got up and started interacting with him like normal, because he was interacting with her like normal!
I have said dozens of times, and will say hundreds of times more in my lifetime:  the best thing I ever gave my kids was each other.  I could write a book on how they have enriched each other's lives in so many ways. 
In the hospital, Eden asked to go home so many times, and asked to see her brothers and sisters, but by far her most common request was to see Maggie.  And now that she is home, Maggie has been as wonderful of a sister as anyone could imagine.  She has fed her jello, and sat and played Lala Loopsies with her, and just continued to be a friend and encouragement throughout it all.  What an awesome thing to witness.  What a wonderful thing it is to be a part of these girls being sisters. 


Here is Eden the day after coming home from the hospital. Her face continued to swell.  I can say, however, that as of today, Monday, her swelling on the right side (her left) has gone down considerably, and her eye is open on that side.  The left side eye is open as well, but not as much.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Eden goes to have the remaining drain taken out of her head (a process that did not impress her), and to have the thirty or forty staples in her scalp removed.  I am not expecting this to go without some protest.  But we do what we have to.
It is without question that watching your child suffer through surgery has got to be one of the toughest, if not the toughest, things about adopting.  You go into it with eyes wide open, knowing that you are going to love them deeply, and have to watch them suffer.  But what is the alternative?  That they suffer without a mother to hold their hand and stroke their head?  To suffer without a mother who turns her head away so that they won't see her crying?  To suffer without a mother who stays awake and watches and prays?  Should any child have to endure such things?  If she had stayed where she was, she would likely have not had these surgeries at all.  And what would be the consequences of that.
So our Sunshine has turned a corner and is showing a spark of that old gusto.  It has done my heart immense good.  I am down with a chest cold, but thanking God that I didn't have to deal with this while in the hospital at least.  There is always something to be thankful for.  So we continue to pray that the graft in her mouth -- that has failed so many times -- will take this time.  We shall see.  The surgeon said that he is not satisfied until ten days out.  We are only halfway there.  My greatest prayer is that this graft takes, and continues to live.  It would be devastating for us all to go through all of this, only to have it fail.  Please do not give up praying for Eden's mouth. 
And I do have other news to post, and things that are happening around here.  For one thing, someone asked about Lazarus.  Yes, I was extremely nervous about leaving him so soon upon coming home.  But we covered it all in prayer, and as it turns out, the timing was actually good.  He has spent the last couple of months establishing in his mind that I am his primary caregiver, and that he is safe, and loved.  Now for me to leave for a few days has helped him to discover that his needs are still met, and not completely contingent on me, and that if I am gone away, I will always come back again.  If I had left him any sooner or any later, I don't think it would have had as positive of an outcome.  I was a tad skeptical as I approached him immediately upon coming home with Eden.  Would he ignore me?  Would he be unusually anxious to see me?  Would he be mad at me?  Thank God, he merely smiled a huge smile, gave me a hug, and went on about his business of playing, as if I had never left.  And since I have been home, he has been completely fine. 
So  I will try to post more soon, especially about other things going on around here during all of this!


  1. Thank you ever so much for the update on both Eden and Lazarus!

    When we see God's timing in retrospect, it is always perfect! I say, "in retrospect," because I can't help but wonder if our loving heavenly Father had this in mind when He allowed Lazarus' adoption to drag on so long.

    So many times, in my own life, I've been truly able to say (in looking back over the "tough times,"), Yes, God, you really DID know what You were doing, and You really DID work that out for Your honor and glory and my best good . . . even though (whatever) SEEMED like the "worst catastrophe possible" at the time!

    I'm praying for your family every morning and evening at our family worship.

    Cleveland, TN

  2. Seems like that 10 days should be about up by now. How is the graft doing? Is it going to "take" this time? I sure hope so!

    Still praying for you.


  3. I am so thankful that God made us not only friends, but Sisters in Christ. You humble and bless me. Praying for your beautiful girl, and now, for your new son. <3