Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maggie's Tenth Birthday!

Not sure whether to blame it on my age, or my full household, but I'm forgetting more every day.  I think...  Anyway, I went back to see the photos I posted about Maggie's tenth birthday party and found that I never posted any photos of Maggie's tenth birthday party.  Yeah me.  I posted on her birthday, but we celebrated on the weekend after her birthday.  So, for those who want to see what my amazing, delightful daughter did to celebrate one decade of life, here it is!

Maggie wanted to go ice skating for her birthday with her best friend (besides her siblings) Julia.  So our theme was winter and ice skating.

Hannah helped decorate.  Silas made white paper chains, and all the kids cut out snowflakes.

White foods and snacks.  

Sweet Maggie and Sweet Julia.  

Eden made Maggie a card.

A Lala Loopsy from Eden.  Ulterior motives in Eden's gift choice; she wanted Maggie to play Lala Loopsy with her so she bought her one of her own!  Clever girl. 

Warheads from Isaac.

Post-it notes from Silas.  Maggie likes Post-it notes.

A dragon book from Hannah.  
Everyone had a great time, and the ice skating went very well.  Hannah and Canaan went along for the ice skating.  Even though she had only skated a couple of times before, Hannah took to it gracefully as usual.  Canaan, on the other hand, skated like a wounded giraffe I am told.  

So, I'm not sure how the little baby girl I brought home ten years ago turned into this beautiful young lady overnight?  I am beginning to feel old!  But very very blessed. 


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