Friday, March 29, 2013

In the mean time...

Life goes on in the mean time.  I will post some photos to show what else has been going on besides Eden's surgery.  Although I will update you first on Eden.  We went to the surgeon again yesterday.  We are there once or twice a week now.  He said the swelling in her face is "not normal".  He put a syringe in her face to withdraw some of the fluid and relieve the pressure.  He sucked out what looked like about half a cup of clear, yellow and bloody fluids.  It was about the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time, and probably the most disgusting too.  My poor girl still has a very fluffy puffy face though.  It breaks my heart all that she is going through.  The surgeon suspects some infection and she continues to be on a strong antibiotic.  Her demeanor has improved and she is getting some of her energy back although she is far from her old self.

As for the palate graft, the roof of her mouth is still pink and intact, and that is definitely a praise to God for that.  However, there is a large piece of tissue pushed down between her molars and her cheek, and the surgeon feels he may need to go in and "trim" some of that, as well as possibly drain her cheek from the inside, which would mean more surgery for my sweet girl in the next couple of weeks or so.  My heart cannot stand to think about this right now.  She has been through so much.  This is definitely the hardest part of being a momma.  I would give my whole face for her if it would help, but it wouldn't, and her face is much cuter, even when it's puffy!

And even since I wrote this, more has happened.  Eden was playing outside and said she was very tired.  I told her to go inside and snuggle up with Canaan.

She fell sound asleep.  Then she woke up about an hour later saying that her hair was wet.  When I investigated, I found out that the incision on the side of her head was oozing fluid.  When I pushed lightly on it, fluid starting pouring out of it.  Tons of fluid.  More than the surgeon had syringed out.  And it just kept on coming!  It was truly amazing.  She didn't like it.  It is continuing to seep out.  I am sure the pressure on her face has been just incredible.  It must be such a relief to have the pressure coming off of it.

Eden BEFORE her surgery:

A few days ago:

This morning, after the surgeon drained some fluid yesterday:

This evening:

So, now onto other things.   A good friend passed on a child's wheelchair that she no longer needed for her son.  It is great for Laz!  

Here are a couple of homeschooling shots from before Eden's surgery.  Eden is just like her big sister Hannah:  a kinesthetic learner!  Just like Hannah, she would never survive in a traditional school setting, but she thrives in our homeschool!

With Canaan at work and school so much, Silas takes care of Pizza the most.  He just adores this cat and the cat loves him too.  Silas is the only one that Pizza will snuggle up beside and sleep with at night.  Silas is so gentle with her.  They have a special bond and it's pretty sweet. 

Maggie and I have been making some bird hair clips.

This was at the award ceremony for Upward basketball and cheerleading.  There was a performer there who did juggling and riding on a unicycle and lots of other types of tricks.  Eden was called up on stage with some other kids and he had them all hold spinning plates.  I love the expression on her face.

Laz and Kiki are quite the pair, and they love to play in the sandbox together.

Canaan making cookies with Kiki.

One of our favorite signs of spring is when the leaves start to bud on our willow tree out back.  Maggie went out to take some pictures of it.  It reminds me of strings of pearls.

Hannah recently completed another "snowflake" for a new grandbaby of a friend of ours.  

Widsar came to visit for spring break.  LOOK how much weight she has lost!!!  I am soooo proud of her!!  She looks amazing.  

We looked out back one afternoon when there was a misty rain, and we saw three deer just standing at our back fence.  We haven't ever seen them this close to our back yard.

An old Easter tradition I used to do with the older kids.  A paper machier tomb centerpiece for the table. 

I will post a picture of the finished product next time.  

Eden and Isaac studying the world.

A new Easter egg technique with shaving cream and food coloring.  It was fun to do but the effect was not as colorful as I had hoped.

Two little buddies.

And it is now Easter weekend.  Although it is always in our hearts and minds, we pause to reflect and be especially thankful for what Christ has done for us.  I saw someone post that Christ thought we were worth dying for.  I think the more important point is that we were NOT worth dying for, and yet He did it anyway.  That's what is so amazing about it.  It's not because we were of such great worth or value or importance.   We were nothing, and deserved nothing, and God CHOSE to value us, to love us, to redeem us, and to adopt us as children in His own family.  

"But when the kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy, He saved us...:  Titus 3:4,5a

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