Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Weeks Home....

Two weeks home and it is amazing how well this little boy is doing.  Don't get me wrong, I am exhausted every night, and it takes weeks to adjust (okay months...) once you're home with a new child, but we are just in awe of how well Laz is adjusting and how well all the kids are adjusting to him too. 

His first Friday movie night with his brothers and sisters.

Out of six adopted kids, he is the first one who did not find a bath to be a traumatic thing.  I can't imagine that they had tub baths where he was, but somehow he knew what to do and was extremely excited about getting into the tub.  He just LOVES a bath and kicks and splashes and pours water on his own head the whole time laughing. 

The second week of Upward games was cancelled due to snow, so this is the third week.  Kiki is doing fairly well and really enjoying cheerleading.  Maggie and Isaac are enjoying their basketball teams.  But I think Eden is enjoying her cheerleading squad the most.  I never would have ever guessed how much she would love it.  She learns all the cheers perfectly and does them so well.  Unfortunately this week she was also very sick, with pink eye, laryngitis, and a terrible cold.  But she wouldn't hear of skipping the game, and cheered her little heart out anyway.

Another unfortunate thing is that I am not very good at juggling several children and trying to take pictures of sports.  So, I didn't end up with any good pictures of Maggie or Silas's game, or even of Eden, so I will try again next week.

I posted Hannah's recent paper cutting last time, and here it is framed.  I love the color combination.

Last week was Maggie's birthday, and this week was Hannah's 22nd birthday.  She is never happy about getting older, but she just gets lovelier and lovelier every year (if not every day). 

I think out of 22 birthdays, she has probably asked for strawberry shortcake for almost 20 of them.  But this year she asked for something chocolate mint, so I found a recipe for a chocolate mint trifle, and it turned out awesome.  (Don't worry Regina, I'll make you one next time you come.)

Eden was so proud of the card she made her.  She still wasn't feeling well, and if you know her, you can see it in her little face.

A jump rope from Silas.

Look at Maggie's proud face.  She made four felt hair clips for Hannah and worked very hard on them.  They turned out well, and of course, I didn't get a photo of them all together.  Hannah loved them.

Just Dance 4 from Canaan.  Kind of a gift for all of us though!

Reading dragon books with Maggie, and wearing one of the hair clips Maggie made for her.

So much excitement for my little guy.  He's tuckered out.

Just Dancing.

All six kids playing ball with Laz.

My girls playing chess.  Take that Director He.  The little girl you told me wasn't worth adopting and would never walk or think normally is playing chess with her sister.  Yeah, how do you like me now?  How YOU doin?

This is a special picture for all those many people who ask, "How do you homeschool with toddlers around?"  Here's the answer.  If you look closely, there are actually four kids at the table working on different things (see more below), Kiki is playing on the floor at the right, and Laz is playing on the floor at the left.  Everything is a royal, chaotic mess, and will stay that way until schoolwork is done and we clean it all up around supper time.

Laz loves to be on the floor, and free to roll around and do what he can.  He also loves to play with anything he can get his hands on.  Here he is putting little game pieces in and out of a vitamin bottle.

Kiki is playing with some paper game pieces and paper plates.

And here are my workers working.

Breakfast date with Canaan.

So Laz's poor little head gets quite a beating as he tries to get around.  He prefers to roll on the floor to places, but he is constantly konking his head and we brainstormed what to do about it. I had tried different hats on him, but he would just take them off, or they fell off.  I looked online for soft helmets for those with conditions that warranted it, and they were over $100!  Then I was thinking of making something myself when Art came up with a great thought:  a Taekwondo sparring helmet!  They are made of foam, are lightweight, and leave breathing space around the head. Hannah brought the smallest size home from work, and he loves it!

Laz got a wonderful gift from some friends of ours.  It is a really cute dog shaped guitar (a woofer!) with lots of buttons, dials, etc., and strings that make noise.  It is really cute and cool.  But I was amazed when I handed it to him.  He got very excited, and then was tugging on the strap urgently.  I hadn't even seen that it had a strap.  He wanted it around him immediately, and we all realized that he had seen Silas playing his guitar, and he wanted to do the same!  

Hannah found her old sparring helmet so Kiki could have one too. 

Don't you love it?

Another first for Lazarus:  let's try him out on the trampoline!

He absolutely loved it, and laughed and laughed.

And then Maggie took him out in the wagon.

After playing outside for a while with his siblings and his new neighbor friends, he came in and ate supper and was absolutely exhausted.  What a tiring day for my little man.  But he is absolutely soaking it all up.  He is doing so well, and God truly prepared his heart for all of this.  He is also sleeping through the night now, which is a blessing for me.  We still have many unknowns with this little fellow, and one by one, we will discover what potential he has, the things that can be fixed, the things that can be improved upon, and the things he will learn to live with, both physically and mentally.  But the one thing we can for sure provide, is a loving family to care for him and protect him for as long as he wants us to.  It is a joy and a privilege to be that.  


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