Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year!

Our New Year's Eve tradition is to have a bonfire in the back yard, and burn that year's Christmas tree.  We've been doing it for many years.  It was easy in Florida, but we've had a couple  years here in NC where it was not wise to be burning a bonfire.  But this year the weather was perfect and we burned two Christmas trees!  It was lovely.

Kiki getting ready to get her hair done one last time before Widsar leaves for home.  Personally I LOVE her hair all free and fluffy like this!  I think it's adorable.  But she does have a bit of a Bill Cosby expression in this picture.

Climbing trees.

Doing the obstacle course again.  So much fun!

Time to take Widsar to the airport.  SNIFF!  

Yes, I will always come back to you.  Maggie needs lots of reassurance.  People she loved have abandoned her before and she really doesn't like good-byes.  

Sisters. <3

We have begun a very long unit on learning about each state.  Right now we are studying our first area, New England.  The first state was Massachusetts and we learned a lot about how cranberries are grown and processed.   Then we made cranberry bread, cranberry juice, and our own homemade craisins which were pretty awesome!


Maggie and Silas practicing their music.

Need to build up some callouses!

The kids have all learned how to play chess and I am surprised how much they enjoy it and how well they do at it!  Eden had it explained to her one time, and she remembered all the moves and everything!

Upward Basketball season has begun.  Maggie and Isaac are playing basketball and Eden and Kiki are cheering.  

We studied about lighthouses in Maine, then we made our own lighthouses with little battery operated tea lights.  They were pretty cool!

Another paper cutting done by Hannah.  So awesome.

I never get over how delicate and intricate it all is.  She does it completely with an exacto knife.  Some of the lines are about the size of a hair, and everything connects together completely.  Just amazes me every time she does one.

So one Saturday it is 73 degrees out and the kids are all outside in short sleeves and barefeet.  Then just  six days later, we get our first snow of the year!  Everyone has been eagerly waiting for some snow and it was very exciting!  Here Hannah came in from work with snow sparkling all over her hair!

Dad and Canaan had a snowball fight out in the night.

What do you think of it Pizza?

The next morning was a play in the snow morning!  It melted quickly through the day, but we got a lot of mileage out of it while we could!

The snow that fell during the night seemed to be great packing snow, but by morning it had iced over and was very crusty and icy.  But as things warmed up, the snow got wet again, and we were finally able to make a snowman.  It did not last long though, and melted over before the day was over.

Hannah was leaving this morning for a tournament, in which she is judging, doing a demonstration, and helping out her students.  I thought she looked like a stewardess or something!  So professional.  She looks like career girl Barbie.  

Practicing her cheers!!

All ready for Game Day One!!


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