Monday, December 17, 2012

Wrapping up November

Time to try to catch up again.  We wrapped up November by taking an afternoon to put all of our fallen leaves into the garden for mulch and compost.  Big job, but lots of fun when you do it with a bunch of little people!

Someone has leaves down her pants.  Guess who.

Time for a leaf fight!  Once the leaves were all in the garden, we had fun playing in them, jumping, and throwing leaves at each other.

A little rest after all the hard work.

Canaan gets in on the fun.  First they all buried Canaan in the leaves.

Then he took a turn to bury all of them!

Maggie showing Kiki how to cover her eyes so she won't get leaves in them.

Canaan pretended to be the gorilla we saw at the zoo.

Playing dress up outside on a beautiful fall day.

The princesses are being protected by the Star Wars guys.  Who needs Disney World when you can have fun like this?  I love it, and I love just sitting and watching them.

So this is what an artist at work looks like!

Another finished product!

And when she's not creating artistic masterpieces, Hannah enjoys chopping wood.  Hmmm... not exactly an eharmony profile essay.

When we grow up, we want to be as strong as our big sister!

At the Upward flag football ceremony.

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