Monday, December 17, 2012

Now into December

We all went to the Greensboro Christmas parade.  Hannah was in the parade with her Taekwondo school.  It was really a very good parade for a local parade!  It was a lot of fun!

There she is!!

Putting up the outside Christmas lights.

Thank goodness for my flexible, tree climbing Hannah!  
Here she is grabbing a light cord with her toes.  

The ladder would only lean against one side, so Hannah and Canaan held it up.

Now off to get the Christmas tree!  Here Maggie is riding with Canaan in his truck, both of them singing at the top of their lungs.

This is the one!


Canaan, well, being Canaan.  Eating a PB&J in a sanitary manner.

So, what's it like living in a house with a bunch of little brothers and sisters Canaan?

He doesn't seem to mind!

Hannah's ceremony to receive her second degree black belt.

We went to see a friend put on a Christmas show at a coffee shop in Thomasville.  If you want to see a great one man show, or want a great music teacher for your kids, look for Shane Key!  My kids love him!  

He let the kids come up to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

One of our many tries at a family picture for the Christmas card.  No this is not the one we ended up using.  It is not as easy as you would think to get this many people looking forward, eyes open, and smiling to some extent.

Maggie with her BFF, Julia.  What beautiful little girls.  

Hannah hanging out with her posse.

I love these pictures.  Maggie and Silas have been bestest buddies for years.  Nobody can make Silas smile like Maggie can.  Just look at those grins.

Hannah and her brothers.  :-)

Silas with his new guitar!  He starts lessons this week!  Just look at that smile!

Hannah is not impressed with Canaan's school supplies.

Peanut butter balls.  It's Christmas!

And a couple from my phone:  Hannah and Canaan practicing break dancing.

And so I really wanted to be like one of the blogs I read, posting meaningful and thoughtful entries every few days, about important things.  And here it is all I can do to post pictures once a month.  So, we'll put that on the New Year's resolution list.  I have lots of things written that I would like to share, but not enough time.  

Can we really be just eight days away from Christmas?  So much to do and so little time.  

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