Monday, December 31, 2012

Finishing out 2012...

We've been chopping a lot of wood, especially when our heater went out.  Hannah can chop as much wood as a man.  Not sure if that's a selling point or not.

No, she's not chopping with the wrong side of the axe; she's splitting.  I also love this picture because look at Isaac in the background.  That boy will make a gun out of anything!

Widsar's turn.  (Notice how far back everyone is standing.)

Maggie's turn.  She wants to be like Hannah.  She did a great job!  Better than I could do!

"I did it!"  A look of satisfaction for a job well done.

The boys with their little axe.  

LOVE my boys!!

Too cute.  And is that Silas going to be a handsome man or what?


Oh how Silas loves that cat.  Technically still Canaan's cat, but Canaan has given in to saying Pizza can be partly Si's.  Si feeds her and takes care of her and Silas's bed is the only one that Pizza will sleep in regularly.  Silas is just such a sweet, gentle soul; I think Pizza just really trusts him.  And he loves her.

Dancing with Windsor!!  "You don't know you're beautiful!"

Hannah at her art desk working on another shirt.

Hannah asked for metallic markers for her Christmas stocking.  She loves them.  Later that day I saw this lying on her desk.  Just a little metallic dragon doodle. 

Widsar and Hannah set up a human agility course and we all tried it, while Silas was the official timer.  It was tough!!  I think I was the slowest.  And it was really cold out.  (You wouldn't know it by how everyone was dressed.  Three were in shorts, and I don't think anyone but me had a real coat on.)

Hannah motivating Maggie!

30-something degrees out.

Canaan was cleaning out some of his things and found all his old Bey Blades.  The kids had a blast.

Widsar doing Maggie's hair on Sunday morning.

It is really hard to get a good picture with all eyes open and everyone smiling and looking forward.  Hopefully we will be taking a new picture soon with our new brother!

Hannah did a photo shoot with Widsar and pretty much every picture turned out so well.  She is so photogenic!  Here are a few shots.

Our beautiful girl!

Happy New Year to all!!

Welcome New Year

He rises and heads towards the door
As many times he's done before
He pauses to set down his cup
While each head in the room looks up

Some gasp and fly across the room
And plead, "Why must you part so soon?
You leave with things we've held so dear,
Loved ones, and health, and youth and cheer."

Others gladly push him out
"Good riddance!" Off with you!" they shout.
Out with the old, on to the new;
So much to earn and learn and do.

A few of us but calmly stand
Reach out and firmly clasp his hand.
"You've brought me grief and struggles, tears,
Brought me to my knees with fears,

"Yet through it all have taught me much
Of faith and mercy, strength and love,
What truly counts, who truly cares,
That wheat can grow amidst the tares.

"You take with you, I must resign,
Nothing that was really mine.
In turn I've found, with gratitude,
Joy is not to be pursued,

"But when we forfeit our demands
Slips gently by, and takes our hand,
And opens up our eyes to see
There's so much more to life than me."

We nod our heads, the door pulls to.
A silence settles cross the room.
And then a knock, the door swings wide
A new foot cross the threshold strides.

We greet him each in our own way,
Some greedily, some with disdain.
I smile and murmur, as he draws near
"Stranger, you are welcome here...."


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