Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas and Other Happenings...

Making Christmas cookies.

Kiki did really well!  And she loved it.

I did not get the best photo of this (there's a reflection I didn't realize) but this is what Hannah and I made for Granny for Christmas this year.  I drew the portrait of Pop, and Hannah made the cut out border, then I framed it.  "See you later Pop," is significant because this is what Maggie said as she watched the hearse drive away at Pop's funeral.  Still chokes me up.  We want Granny to always remember that it's not good-bye, it's just see you later.  We will see him again.

Hannah was asked to design shirts for her Taekwondo school.  She created about ten designs and the students and parents voted on them.  Here are three of the final products.  I think they turned out great!  She learned a lot about design, and working with a shirt printer who doesn't always understand what you're trying to do!  

My birthday.  And a picture of me where I don't look horrible. I guess at 48, I could certainly look worse.  

Love Eden's expression here.  She was sooo excited about what she got me.

Eden and I both love owls.  This is an owl that melts wax in the top to smell nice.

Lots of love from all my kids.

Christmas Eve.  All the stockings are laid out by the tree.  I started making these big stockings when the first three were small.  I like the big stocking because I can usually fit everything for each child in their stocking.  The gifts under the tree are things that they got for each other or from other people.

Lazarus's stocking is all made and ready.  All I wanted for my birthday was for his visa to be issued so that we could go and get him.  If all had gone as it should, we would be on the plane to Ghana right now as I write this.  It is very difficult knowing that children suffer because people in agencies and governments and all those who ought to be advocating and protecting these children and expediting their homecoming in every way humanly possibly, just don't.  I will never understand it.  There is nothing I would not do to help someone else bring home their child, weekends, holidays, or the middle of the night.  This boy should have been home weeks ago.  And on Christmas Day, he sat in his little umbrella stroller in a miserable orphanage across the ocean.  We do not know when we will be able to get him.  Right now it's just waiting for people to get around to doing their jobs. My heart breaks for him and for all the other children being held hostage by red tape and apathy.

Twas the night before Christmas!

My happy kids!

6:00 am Christmas morning, waiting on the stairs for the word "go!"  Whose idea was it to make the wake up time 6:00 am anyway?  I just went to bed four hours ago!

Kiki got a little magnadoodle and she loves it.

Widsar's man.

Hannah, delighted to get a purse size bottle of Febreze.

In the "go figure" department, the big hit of all the stocking stuffers and presents were these dragons.  Hannah had collected dragons as a girl, and had saved a box of some of her favorites.  She got it out and picked out one for each of her little brothers and sisters, and man do they love them!  It might have something to do with the fact that she just read them the Hobbit too.  

Maggie made a "box for special things" for Hannah.  She made it entirely by herself with craft items she found in the craft supplies, and painted the box orange, Hannah's favorite color.

Delighted faces opening up video games Uncle Jake sent!

Well, sometimes no caption is necessary. 


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