Sunday, November 4, 2012


The leaves were just beginning to turn color when Sandy came through and blew most of the leaves off of the trees around here.  So, not much color this year, but raking leaves is still so fun!

Silas didn't participate a whole lot.  A couple of days earlier he had fallen off of his bike and the handlebar had hit him where he has no ribs.  He seems to have bruised his liver and was very sore for quite a few days.  He is back to normal now.  It was quite a scare for me!

Running to jump in the leaves.

Love this picture!  My exquisite girl.

Let's try to get a shot of everyone together.  Hannah just got home from class, and Canaan just finished reffing a game.  Not bad, but not everyone is looking forward.

Kiki isn't looking, but it is very hard to get her to look at a camera, even though Canaan is trying to turn her head.

Everyone is looking forward, but Issac's smile is starting to fade and get that constipated look. 

More of the same.

I like this!

My handsome man, the Paterfamilia.  <3

My two favorite coaches. <3 <3

So this is fun.  Maggie's taking music lessons!!!  Yay!!  This was her first lesson, on the harmonica with the incredible, multi-talented teacher and performer, Shane Key.  He's super good with kids.

And guess who else signed up for lessons too!  :-)

Another sketch I found on Hannah's desk "for no reason".  

A recent portrait she did of one of her students.

And a sneak peak of Maggie working on the Christmas card for this year.

A very exciting weekend was spent at Lawndale Baptist for an Answers in Genesis conference with Ken Ham!  We have loved Ken Ham and his ministry and work for many, many years.  We have seen him speak several times and it is always great.  There is something for every age.  We were honored to meet him.

Kiki loves to copy us, and especially likes to copy chores.  Here she is taking the laundry from the washer and putting it in the dryer.  She loves to do this and does a great job.  But each item she takes out, she stops and tells us whose it is.

Granny came to visit for a few days.  One evening she went out, but her dog, Trouble, was pretty nervous with her gone.  He finally parked himself by Canaan, snuggled up, and wouldn't move til she got home.

My cousin Cathy and her husband came by for a visit as well.  It's always nice to see them, and the kids really enjoy their visit.

Hallowe'en 2012 begins with Princess Leia.  Yes, that's all her hair.

This year we have two Ninjagos, a Pocohantas, and a Sunshine.

Maggie is so beautiful.  Could there be a lovelier Pocohantas?

I found the idea for these Ninjago costumes online.  They looked great, and something that I could make.  I worked a lot on them.  They are mostly foam board and duct tape.  But when I would try the costumes on the boys, we kept having trouble with walking in them.  I kept modifying them repeatedly.  Originally the feet were covered.  I kept studying the pictures online and finally realized that the original costume, there is no way a child would have been able to walk much in it, much less run down the street and climb up and down stairs.  So, I had to modify quite a bit.  Even after all of that, the boys got tuckered out pretty quickly.  The costumes were surprisingly light though.  

 The sparkliness of this costume is lost in the photos, but it was very glittery and bright, complete with yellow glow sticks all around.  Eden chose being a Sunshine this year.  I was surprised; I thought she would want to be an owl again.  Every time I asked, she insisted she wanted to be a sparkly sunshine because I always say that she is my Sunshine.  

Here is our little green princess, the only costume I did not have to make.  We found this for a great price at Sam's, and Kiki loved it, so we let her have it.

My handsome Cole.

Canaan used his Finn and Jake from Adventure Time costume again this year.  I was very happy to see the costume be used again, and also pleased to not have to make another costume!  He was much more recognized this year in it than last year.  I guess the show has gotten pretty popular.

And finally, we received the I600 approval for Lazarus this week.  We have waited three months for this.  Now we can request a visa appointment and bring him home, maybe before the end of this year!

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