Friday, October 19, 2012

Catching Up (Can you do that?)

From the world's worse blogger...  what's happened to me?  I used to update regularly.  Now it's all I can do to update some photos once a month.  Blah.  Life is busy.  I guess it should be with all these kids.  Isn't this fall weather glorious?  When we lived in Florida, fall was my favorite season, because of holidays, and finally getting some relief from the relentless heat.  Now that we have been in North Carolina for more than six years, I can definitely say that Spring is my favorite season.  I have a new appreciation for all seasons, and to tell the truth, I think every season should be twice as long.  Just as soon as I start to really get into one season, it's over!  Where did it go?  We just put up the pool and planted the garden, and here it is fall again!
Well, I will post a hodge podge of photos from the past month.  If you want more organization than that, it may take another month!  But I post photos for my parents in Florida, for my MIL in Georgia, and my sister in Canada, and the couple of dear friends I have in other states.  I am thankful for those who care about our family enough to visit this site now and then.  

So let's start with many a flag football picture.  Isaac and Maggie are half way through the season.  Isaac has made great improvement this year.  His team is being coached by Art and Canaan.   Art and Canaan are also reffing the games that they are not coaching.  

What a coach!  Love that guy!

Oh, what can we say about our Maggie?  What an amazing little lady she is!  There are only three girls on the flag football league this season.  Which, I am not complaining!  I am thankful they let girls play at all!  This league only goes up to grade four, so next year, I don't know where Maggie will play.  But I will say that of all the kids in the whole league, she scored third on her evaluation.  She is awesome, and she is not one of the girls who is out to prove something; she just loves to play anything and everything.  She gets that from her big sister, who has been such an amazingly great influence on her.  I am so thankful for this.  Maggie shows up on a team of boys, and they all look at her with very low expectations, and she not only blows them away, but she befriends all of them too!  It took exactly two games before they all loved her and were calling her name.  She is confident, sweet, humble, and talented.  I can say that because she doesn't get it from me!  ;-)

And did I mention beautiful?

Every week she makes flag pulls, passes, catches, and touchdowns.

I love this shot.  And by the way, let me mention that pretty much every football photo was taken by Eden!  Yes, Eden.  I give her the camera in the beginning of the morning, and she just totes it around all morning taking shots.  I give her one rule:  there has to be someone we know in the picture.  I have to admit, she has gotten a lot better pictures than I have!  I love this picture above because it shows how Maggie has made buddies on the team.  I have always taught my kids to not care about things like whether your friends are boys or girls, or how old or young they are, or anything else about them; friends are friends.  It's more fun that way.

My smiley boy.

And the two favorite men in my life.  Canaan loves coaching, and sets up his plays with an app on his ipad.

So what do the other kids do while Maggie and Isaac are playing?  Well, it depends.  Besides taking pictures, on cold mornings, they snuggle together trying to keep warm.   And Silas usually brings his DS which helps to pass the time.  Man, how I love these faces!

So here I am with my going-blind-eyes, trying to use a magnifying glass to see a little Lego Ninjago of Silas's.  Silas and Isaac are going to be Ninjagos for Hallowe'en.  One more reason why it is harder to be a mom when you're almost 50.   

Check back in a week or so to see all the costumes!

We had the privilege and honor of attending the wedding of a football buddy of Canaan's.  I have to admit that it was pretty much the most lovely wedding I have ever been to.  Granted, I have not been to a ton of weddings, but I've been to enough.  I could just make a list of all the lovely things about it, but the biggest one had to be how Christ saturated the whole wedding was.  Both of them are devoted Believers and Lovers of Christ, and have done everything right as they prepare for their life together.  This is so rare.  It was an outside wedding, not too big, not too small.  Everything was so beautiful, and just right.  Nothing too much; nothing not enough.  I still smile to think about it.  God bless your life together Zach and Brittany. What God has brought together, let no man put asunder. 

Canaan holding up his little sister to see the bride coming down with her bridesmaids. They wore purple!

 Daddy holding his little Sunshine, Eden.

And Kiki did very well at the wedding, and seemed to enjoy it all.

At the reception, with Hannah wearing the most fabulous pants ever.  Wish I were young enough to wear stuff like that still! 

Friday night is movie night at our house.  Here the fabulous four are snuggled up in Mommy's bed for a movie and popcorn.

Canaan's been cooking up a storm lately, with a renewed interest in cooking and baking.  Here he is making a bacon wrapped filet mignon with something with lavendar and beets and frisse and raspberries, and it all sounds much better when he says it, and it tasted amazing, the couple of bites that I got.    Unfortunately, much of what he has been doing in the kitchen lately is baking, lots of incredible pies and confections.  It's a conspiracy.  I'll never lose weight!

Canaan's cat gets snuggly when the weather gets colder.

I know I tend to go on and on about this but will you just LOOK at that HAIR?!   My sweet goodness!  What gorgeous hair.  If you could smell it, you would be on the floor.  

So here is our sweet Si-Bug, the day before his ninth spinal surgery.


His rods were lengthened at this surgery, plus one rod was replaced.  We were still able to go home the same day, but it was a long, hard day.  He had a lot of pain and nausea afterwards, and was not able to walk  for about three days.  He was dehydrated, and in a lot of pain, but he still prefers to be home, and to be honest, so do I.  I can take care of him so much better at home.  Now it has been about three weeks and he is doing great, and back to normal.  I have said it before and will say it again:  He is the bravest boy I know.

Grandma and Grandpa sent him a Ninjago handbook, which was not just a big hit with him and his brother, but brought the attention of all four!  Hannah caught this shot of them all snuggled up together in the foyer going over the handbook.  Notice Maggie's nunchuks?


Took some shots of Hannah recently.  Ah, my sweet girl.  So beautiful and precious.  

And what a great sister she is.  Thank God for her, and all that she has made up for in her little sisters' lives. 

This morning it was very foggy and misty out, and Hannah went out back and noticed that there were spider webs everywhere.  The interesting thing was that, these webs have been there recently, but we do not notice or see them really, until this misty fog comes in, which does not even show in these pictures.  So super uber cool.  She took several pictures of the webs all over the yard, and the dew clinging to the strings of spider web.  I could post a dozen pictures, but I'll just share these few.  



This is high up in the top of the willow tree.  It was creepy seeing dozens of spider webs in the willow tree, when, only about two hours later, you could walk out and not see any of them.  They were still there though!

Our sweet neighbor, Mrs. Cindy, recently had her dog of sixteen years pass away.  He was a very much loved little fellow, a little pekingese.   It's hard to get used to life after living with someone you loved for so long.  Hannah made her this paper cutting to commemorate him.  


And finally, a couple of shots of Maggie and Eden playing out on a cool morning yesterday.  They were out in the yard, and I went out to call them in to do schoolwork, and stopped myself.  They were busily working away at quite a creation of mud and sticks and berries and such stuff.  It was so lovely and creative, I decided to let them continue, and we did our school work after lunch.  I love the homeschool lifestyle, and that we have the freedom to let our kids enjoy the moments they have to be kids.  It all is over too soon anyway.  

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