Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Whirlwind vacation

Not sure if you would call it a vacation exactly.  Art had to go down to Florida quickly to install something at Motorola.  Since he could only take a day off from work here, he only could take a three day weekend.  So, we decided to go with him!  We drove all night Thursday night, and came back Sunday night.  We were gone about 76 hours, and 1800 miles!  Not bad!  But we packed a lot into a short time.  I was exhausted, but as my friend Gina says, I can sleep when I'm dead.  

First stop, Grandma and Grandpa's house!  My parents live in Orlando and it's been a while since we've been able to see them.  This was the main reason why I wanted to come along on this trip.  So, we barged in with our big crew into Grandma and Grandpa's beautiful, clean, quiet house!  We had a great time.  Here Grandpa is playing games with the kids.  We also got to see our sweet nephew, Jacob, who seemed really happy to play with his cousins again.  

Maggie learned how to play chess!

Next stop, the beach!!  We lived 23 years in Florida, much of it in walking distance of the beach.  But we hardly ever went.  I'm not a huge beach fan.  But kids love it, so while Art was working, I brought them to our old beach, Lake Worth beach.  Thankfully, Widsar was able to come along too, which was awesome, so that I could watch kids and watch my stuff at the same time.  And Widsar probably saved Kiki's life a few times, as she would run headlong into the surf with no regard, and come blubbing up!  It was a beautiful day. It was a very hot day, but once we got down to the beach there was a lovely breeze and we stayed for several hours.

After going to a beach like this, no other beach really compares.  It's just a very pretty beach, I have to admit. 

Kiki thought this was pretty funny.  So did we!

Eden, striking a pose.

Kiki didn't really understand what I wanted her to do here.

One of Kiki's rescues.

Once I got her to stop running headlong into the water, she enjoyed the sand very much.

Boy did those kids sleep that night!  But the next morning we had to get up early.  We made our way back north again, and had a special treat of stopping to see some old friends.  We met them years ago when we first moved to West Palm Beach, and they were even in the hospital the same time that I had Canaan.  Eight days later, her twins were born, so we share a long time bond.  They now live in Zephyrhills where they pastor a church, and we thought it might be nice to stop and go to church there.  So we went and had an absolutely delightful time with the whole family.  Lots of memories and we reminisced long after leaving.  It was like no time had passed since we saw them last, except that their girls are all grown up (and beautiful), which makes me feel pretty old, to be honest!  Sure hope we won't go so long til we see them again!

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  1. So glad you had fun at the beach, we too lived in FL for 10 and never really went to the beach much. Congrats on your newest member of the family!!!!! So inspirational!!!!! I also know Ohilda, small world, we both lived in Fort Myers and met up numerous times to play.