Sunday, July 8, 2012

One more means one less...

That's a quote from my friend, Donna.  I love it.  One more child being welcomed into a family is one less orphan in the world today.  It's a win-win.  Having said that, it is a joy and privilege to announce the new Baker in our Barrel: Lazarus Manasseh Baker!  He is legally ours, and we await some additional paperwork before he will be able to come home, hopefully within the next few months.  Laz was born in Ghana, and will be six years old In July.  He has had a rough start, but as his name Lazarus Manasseh means, “God is my help” and we hope that God will help him to “forget all my trouble”.  He is a beautiful boy, as you can see, with a sparkle in his eye, and a will to overcome.  Please pray that God will expedite and simplify his homecoming in every way, and will bless him.  

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