Sunday, June 3, 2012

More May days....

Ah, my heart.  What beautiful girls!!   Maggie and Eden are all dressed up to go to their gymnastics year end exhibition.  They painted their own nails, and were very excited about going.  
I think thought they looked so adorable!

It was a great exhibition, and the girls did their parts well.  It was very hard to take pictures though.  Here are just a couple shots.  It was quite crowded, and we were sitting too far away.

Jonah's Druthers:

Maggie, Silas, Eden and Isaac all were in our church's kids' choir production of Jonah's Druthers.  It was very cute and they did a super job!

Isaac and Silas had a small part where they came on stage with guitar cases and were the "Jonas Brothers"

And Maggie had a one verse solo. 

Maggie also had the job of carrying this sign. 

They performed twice, once on Saturday, and then on Sunday.  After the production, all the kids were very happy.  Here is Maggie and Eden with one of the kids' best friends at church, Cameron.

Handsome boys!

Just a typical homeschool day.  Canaan reading books with Maggie.  He's such an awesome big brother.

And didn't I tell you to stay tuned?   Look who's riding his bike with no training wheels!   Yep!  Silas was quite determined, and the other night Mr. Homer helped him out, and before the night was over, he was riding up and down the street by himself!  What a determined kid!  So proud of you Bug!!  (and thanks Mr. Homer!)

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