Sunday, June 3, 2012

Merry May-isms

Art and I volunteered to help out at a Special Needs Prom at our church.  The problem was, they asked us to try to wear something fancy.  Ha!   I don't own any dresses, and only a few skirts that I bought at the thrift store so I could go to Africa.  And Art has never owned a suit since I have known him.  Dressing up means looking all over for his one pair of black pants, his one long sleeved dress shirt that he bought for his job interview six years ago, and one of his two ties (the other one has the Three Stooges on it).  For me, it was raiding the kids' dress up clothes for a glittery top.  Good thing we're not high maintenance people!

Well, self explanatory I guess....

Adventures in Bike Riding:

Maggie learned to ride her bike without training wheels last year, and has been riding for a while.  Hannah took a swing at teaching Isaac to ride last fall, but he never really got the hang of it.   Then this spring, Eden wanted to learn.  I posted pictures a few weeks ago, after many tears and much protest, Eden finally riding her bike.  Now she rides it all over the place.  If it had been up to me, she'd still not be riding, but Hannah is the queen of persistence and patience with children, and absolutely refused to give in to her pouting and crying nonsense.  You would have thought she was being tortured, then an hour later she's riding up and down the street laughing her head off.  

Which brings us to Isaac:

Not to be outdone, Isaac wanted to actually learn to ride next.  Well, easier said than done.   If we thought teaching Eden was an adventure, Isaac took weeks to conquer it.  Many days of practice, many tears, many many many spills on the concrete, bandaids, road rash, every joint in his body had been skinned up.  Soon everyone on the street was giving him advice on how to conquer it, friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters.  I was really thinking he'd never get it because he just didn't seem to have the balance.  But whaddaya know.....

HE  DID  IT!!!   Now to just see about doing something about that princess bike.

At this point, Silas is the only one of the four still on training wheels.  He is interested in learning, and practices not having the training wheels touch, but with his back, I really can't have him taking a spill on the concrete, so he may have to wait a while.  Stay tuned!

More spring time play out front.

We love having one of Maggie and Eden's best friends from gymnastics, Ju-ju, came over to play.  Here they were bringing a tea party out to the backyard.  I didn't get great pictures, 
but the cuteness was over the top.  

Trampoline fun!

Canaan's back flip.

Hannah practicing her flips.

Dr. Wattenbarger doesn't ever visit my blog, does he?  If he does, I'm in trouble!

Every day before Hannah goes to work, she comes wherever we are and puts up her hair.  Although I hate that it means she's leaving each day, I love this routine.  

And the one thing Canaan said he wanted most for his birthday was a fryer.  
Here he is enjoying a plate of fried Oreos.  Not bad!

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