Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy, Hazy Days...

Last year we had tons of strawberries, and we could go out a pick them every few days.  This year, none!  There are blossoms, and green berries, but no red ones.  We think the culprit is the squirrels, but we had just as many squirrels last year, so I don't get it.  However, our raspberries are exploding this year!  And apparently everyone loves them, as you can see here!

More trampoline pictures.  Maggie practicing her back flips.

Trampoline hair!

Our neighbor, Mr. Chip, gave us a ping pong table that he wasn't using anymore!  And the boys, especially, are loving it!  It is so cute.  I haven't yet seen a served ball get hit back, but they are having a great time hitting the ball and then running around the garage looking for it.  These things take time!

Hannah in her new glow-in-the-dark pants.

Eden getting ready for a palate expander and braces.  She is such a trooper.  The orthodontist said she did better than most his teenage patients!  She charmed everyone.

Hannah's Taekwondo school had a big demonstration in the parking lot out front of the school.  Here Hannah is helping one of her Little Tiger students with his belt.  

Her Little Tigers just love her. And she loves them too! She is so great with kids.

Hannah led the board breaking demonstration where anyone could participate.  She did an awesome job.  And I love Eden's intensity when she does anything.

Kiki needed some encouragement to participate.

<3   <3   <3

Breaking a board!

Here Hannah is leading a group of her Little Tigers in a demonstration.

Not sure if kicking that high will come in handy anywhere, but it sure is impressive!

In the masters and instructors demonstration Hannah did her 
jumping spinning kick (a 360 kick). 

It was a great day, great weather, and a lot of fun.  Unfortunately the only dark cloud on the afternoon was that while Hannah was leading and participating in these demonstrations, someone went into the dressing room and stole her wallet and a couple of I-phones from the other students.  The I-phones had tracking, so the police were able to track down where the person went, who of course denied it.  And now we are waiting to see what happens next.  But it was still a hassle to cancel all her cards, and of course she'll have to get a new driver's license.  She doesn't carry much cash, but she was really bummed to lose a Feeney's gift card that her students had recently given her!  Poor Hannah!  

And a little random cuteness...

My sweet boys!

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  1. I would never want to cross Hannah in a dark alley. All of that fierce determination in her eyes! Wowzers! Love Maggie and Eden totally getting into it as well. Yikes!