Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Wrapup

Maggie all dressed up to go to a baby shower with me.  She was lovely!

Fancy hairdo.

The kids created a puppet show.  It was adorable.

Taking a bow!

Maggie and Silas playing Indian family.

Some people can do push ups and clap their hands.  Hannah does push ups and claps her hands BEHIND HER BACK!  The picture doesn't capture it.  Mad skills.  


My Sunshine.

Eden made this shirt herself!  She and Maggie and Isaac all made their own tie dye shirts!

Eden's new braces!!

Beautiful hydrangeas from my friend Shelli.

Playing cards.

Another one of Hannah's "snowflake" creations.  This was made for a family who has adopted children from three countries.  It is a personalized family tree creation including motifs from Vietnam, Belize, China, and Ireland.  All done from one 12 x 12 piece of paper, with an exacto knife. You, too, can own one of these personalized creations for your family!

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