Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Ki-ki!!!!

Our pretty little Keziah Joy is four years old today!

 Hannah made a Hello Kitty cupcake cake and she loved it! 

She was really cute.  She has come such a long way since her third birthday.  She has seen enough birthdays now, and she totally caught on that it was her birthday.  We took her with us early in the week as the kids all picked out presents for her.  That way she could point out things she was excited about and we took them home and wrapped them up.  When she opened them up, she recognized things and was doubly delighted!  It was great.  And all week we have been telling her that her birthday is coming on Sunday and trying to get her to answer "How old are you?" with "four".  But so far, it's not catching on.

Trying to get her to hold up four fingers.


Kik-ki really really likes cupcakes.

The kids got her things that they have and she keeps snitching from them.  Now Ki-ki has her own Rapunzel Barbie doll, and can stop taking Maggie and Eden's!  She was thrilled.

This little girl is very well loved!

In one of the fantastic outfits Grandma and Grandpa sent Ki-ki,  They always send her the nicest things!  

Kiki is really doing so well.  She gets a developmental evaluation every six months, so she has had three now since she has been home.  At her first evaluation, she was just three years old, and she was assessed to be at an 18 month old level.  Her evaluation this past week has her progressed to a two year old level cognitively. So, she is definitely progressing, albeit not at a steady rate.  Basically she has progressed six months worth in one year's time.  If she keeps the same trajectory, you can see what her prognosis would be.  However, with only three evaluations, and her rough start in life, the doctor told us it is just to early to tell.  She will need to have a few more visits before we can speculate any more than that.  We are now looking into what services and therapies are available to help her out, and to help us address her needs better as well.  The good news is that she is definitely progressing.  And her behavior has progressed the most.  She has learned all about being a part of a family, and she is a happy, affectionate little girl now.  We pray God will bless her and strengthen her in the coming year! 

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  1. She was a beautiful birthday girl yesterday (as always!)
    Love her sweetness!!!