Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

Hannah and Canaan made an awesome lunch of grilled steak fahitas, and then Hannah had the kids make fruit kebabs for dessert!

Maggie really liked learning how to use a melon baller.

I adore this child's expressions.

Ta dah!!!

And a few more bunny pictures.

We do not know where the little bunnies are now.  One day we noticed that one of the bunnies was gone, and a little while later, all three were gone.  It was during the day, so we think from what we looked up online, that the mother bunny may have moved them.  They will do that when they feel they may not be in a safe place, which, she may have thought that since Biscuit originally disturbed the nest.  But she actually had a very safe spot once we remembered to close the garden gate.  No way she could know that though.  

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