Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Miscellaneous May

The hair train.  Hannah, Maggie, Eden, and their friends Emily and Vy.

A boy and his cat.  Pretty cute.

Our Saturday mornings these days, getting ready for soccer.

Flowers from my sweet sister.  (She loves me.)

More flowers from my sweet sister.  (She really loves me.)
(Love you back sweet sister!!!)

I looked out the window and saw this cuteness ensuing.  Reading a Tin Tin book in the willow tree.  

Ki-Ki made her first necklace all by herself!! Yay Ki-Ki!!  
She was so proud and wore it to church that Sunday.

Maggie made this poster for Canaan.  I loved it.  While she was making it, she was telling me good things about Canaan.  When she happily burst out with, "He's never been to jail!!"  I told her maybe she could leave that one off.  But later I wondered if that might be a selling point these days after all.

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