Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The Bunny, the Bunny, oh I love the Bunny..."

That's from Veggie Tales if you didn't recognize it.  So last Sunday afternoon, Hannah comes in from outside and says, "Mom, I need to show you something!"  And Biscuit had been rooting around in our garden.  When they went to investigate what she was so excited about, this is what they found:

Oh my goodness!  Little bunnies!!  But Biscuit had already gotten her teeth around three of them.  There were four, and one died.  But the other three, I put ointment on their wounds, and we gently put them 
back in the nest.

Unbelievably, the mommy bunny had made a nest amongst our raspberry bushes!  I never can understand why any birds or animals make nests in our yard full of animals and children, but they do.

Here is one only a few days later.  We cannot believe how quickly they grow!  They appear to have been only a day or two old when Biscuit found them.  Happily, each morning when I check them, they are even more healthy and feisty.  Their bite wounds are all healing up well!  We don't have a lot of success with wounded birds and animals around here, so this is really a great success for us.

Tonight when I went to check on them, they were more feisty than ever and cried loudly like a guinea pig.  I laughed!  I had never heard any sound out of a bunny like that, especially such a tiny bunny!  But this bunny was definitely protesting being disturbed.  So, I think they will be all right.  And it has only been four days since we found them!  Now, check back in a few weeks when I am complaining that "something" is eating all the stuff in my garden!

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