Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

Hannah and Canaan made an awesome lunch of grilled steak fahitas, and then Hannah had the kids make fruit kebabs for dessert!

Maggie really liked learning how to use a melon baller.

I adore this child's expressions.

Ta dah!!!

And a few more bunny pictures.

We do not know where the little bunnies are now.  One day we noticed that one of the bunnies was gone, and a little while later, all three were gone.  It was during the day, so we think from what we looked up online, that the mother bunny may have moved them.  They will do that when they feel they may not be in a safe place, which, she may have thought that since Biscuit originally disturbed the nest.  But she actually had a very safe spot once we remembered to close the garden gate.  No way she could know that though.  

Canaan's 20th Birthday!!

 No, he wasn't being arrested.  Here is Canaan getting a brief training on what to do when SKYDIVING!  Yep, Canaan decided to go skydiving for his 20th birthday!  

Getting the gear on.

He looks like a cross between Finn from Adventure Time and Super Crotch Man.  I don't think that looks very comfortable at all, but then again, I don't think jumping out of a plane would be very comfortable either so different strokes...

In the plane, going up to 10,000 feet.

Getting ready to jump out.


After the parachute came out.

Very happy boy.  I mean man, sorry.  

Here is Canaan's cake, a four layer chocolate chip cookie cake with Twinkie filling and 
words spelled out in bacon (of course).

I adore this picture.  

This is true.  

And the one thing he really wanted, was a deep fryer.  

Hannah made him a My Little Pony coloring book.  I'll explain.  No, it would take too long.  
Let's just say he really liked it.


A few of the pages:

And I could not find a My Little Pony mug anywhere, so I made him one.  He liked it. 

I can't believe my little baby Bear Bear is twenty years old now, and that I have no more teenagers in my house!  But, as long as he keeps coloring My Little Pony pages, I guess I don't have to worry about him growing up too fast after all.  :-)   I sure do love that boy.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The Bunny, the Bunny, oh I love the Bunny..."

That's from Veggie Tales if you didn't recognize it.  So last Sunday afternoon, Hannah comes in from outside and says, "Mom, I need to show you something!"  And Biscuit had been rooting around in our garden.  When they went to investigate what she was so excited about, this is what they found:

Oh my goodness!  Little bunnies!!  But Biscuit had already gotten her teeth around three of them.  There were four, and one died.  But the other three, I put ointment on their wounds, and we gently put them 
back in the nest.

Unbelievably, the mommy bunny had made a nest amongst our raspberry bushes!  I never can understand why any birds or animals make nests in our yard full of animals and children, but they do.

Here is one only a few days later.  We cannot believe how quickly they grow!  They appear to have been only a day or two old when Biscuit found them.  Happily, each morning when I check them, they are even more healthy and feisty.  Their bite wounds are all healing up well!  We don't have a lot of success with wounded birds and animals around here, so this is really a great success for us.

Tonight when I went to check on them, they were more feisty than ever and cried loudly like a guinea pig.  I laughed!  I had never heard any sound out of a bunny like that, especially such a tiny bunny!  But this bunny was definitely protesting being disturbed.  So, I think they will be all right.  And it has only been four days since we found them!  Now, check back in a few weeks when I am complaining that "something" is eating all the stuff in my garden!

More Miscellaneous May

The hair train.  Hannah, Maggie, Eden, and their friends Emily and Vy.

A boy and his cat.  Pretty cute.

Our Saturday mornings these days, getting ready for soccer.

Flowers from my sweet sister.  (She loves me.)

More flowers from my sweet sister.  (She really loves me.)
(Love you back sweet sister!!!)

I looked out the window and saw this cuteness ensuing.  Reading a Tin Tin book in the willow tree.  

Ki-Ki made her first necklace all by herself!! Yay Ki-Ki!!  
She was so proud and wore it to church that Sunday.

Maggie made this poster for Canaan.  I loved it.  While she was making it, she was telling me good things about Canaan.  When she happily burst out with, "He's never been to jail!!"  I told her maybe she could leave that one off.  But later I wondered if that might be a selling point these days after all.

Happy Birthday Silas!!

Happy Ninth Birthday Silas!!

Silas chose for his cake a Tin Tin cake, and Hannah was happy to oblige.  
Awesome cake as always Hannah!

One of the best gifts I ever gave my kids, is each other.

Very funny card apparently.

Happy birthday my little man.  Can't believe you're such a big boy now.