Monday, April 23, 2012

Duck, duck, duck....

Our neighbor, Miss Cindy, has the most beautiful yard for birds.  If I was a bird, I'd want to live in her yard!  And lots of birds agree with me.  But about a month or so ago, Miss Cindy discovered that even a mallard duck had built a nest in her garden!  We were excited!  She watched the nest every day.  By Easter time we were really expecting to see some baby ducks.  But we had also read that once the eggs did hatch, the mother would bring them to water within 24 hours.  So Miss Cindy was really keeping her eyes peeled so we wouldn't miss it.

And Wednesday night around dinner time, she came running to our door all excited, and sure enough, the babies were all hatched!  And look how beautiful they are!

We really didn't want to lose sight of them, but we didn't want to scare them either.  I snapped lots of pictures while Cindy went around the neighborhood telling all of us who have been waiting for the eggs to hatch that they finally did!

The mama led them to our next door neighbor's back yard, where she hid out under his deck for a little while.  When we backed off some more, she got on the move again.

And she led her little brood right into our front yard bushes.  And there she stayed for quite a while.  Meanwhile, neighbors up and down the street were all coming to see the sweet baby ducklings.

Aren't they just perfect?  We thought we counted 17, but on the pictures I have, it looks more like there were maybe 16, but either way, that's an awful lot of ducks for one mama!

Eventually she got her nerve up to get moving again, and led her babies to our other side next door neighbor's, through their back yard, and across some rough brush behind the house.  

And emerging on the other side, she led them all right down to a little retention pond.  A couple of big Canadian geese looked pretty interested, but we scared them away.  

I have to admit the whole scene was kind of surreal.  Here were all these people, some who rarely even speak to each other, and we all were gathered together chatting away about these precious little ducklings.  It's amazing what brings people together.  

So good luck little duckies.  There are lots of dangers out there.  I hope lots of you make it to be good mama mallard ducks too!  

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