Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break

Feast or famine; I go weeks with not much happening, and this week I have many pictures to post! We were blessed to have Widsar come home for Spring Break and we've been making the most of our short time together. Let's get started:

Everyone dancing in the kitchen.

Maggie wanted Canaan to show her how to mow the lawn.
I think it might be a while until she can do it herself though!

Next stop, the ZOO! Widsar had never visited the zoo here before, so we thought with the beautiful weather it would be a great time to show her.

My map readers. :-)

Widsar looks skeptical.

This is what Eden looked like after she saw an owl, her favorite animal.

Everyone but Canaan, who had to work that day.

A baby baboon was born in January. He's pretty cute!

I caught a lizard to show to Kiki, and yes, I caught it, not Hannah. I've finally figured out how to do it after watching Hannah do it hundreds of times. Kiki likes lizards.

For some reason the maps were very exciting this trip.

Piggy back on Daddy.

I love seeing Silas take care of his little sister. My little spindle legged stork is so caring.

So, the best way to get rid of old memories is to make some new ones. So off we go to Hanging Rock. We love Hanging Rock! It was a gorgeous day and we just about had the place to ourselves!

My adventurous girls, ready to explore!

And my handsome, handsome, handsome boy.

Everyone was able to get off of work so we had everyone here for this picture!

Our adventurous Widsar, a Florida girl who wanted to know why "they" didn't just make
everything flat here in Carolina.

Hannah climbing a tree, trying to catch a big lizard they saw.

Every year I look a little older, and he looks exactly the same. What's up with that?

Love this picture. Hannah loves this little guy!
We were concerned of Silas doing all of this hiking just a couple of weeks after major surgery. We gave him rides when he wanted them, and he paced himself, but we were still amazed at how well he did.
He is quite the trooper!

Made it to the top!

A little snack before heading back down again.

Now it's Kiki's turn to ride. She did really well considering she is only three years old! She probably hiked three quarters of it herself, getting rides as she went along.

The boys.

On the way down, we decided to explore a little under the Hanging Rock. We started climbing up the rocks. I just love doing that. And my girls are always game to try to climb as far as their little legs will let them. Even Kiki was trying to follow as far as she could. Silas cannot do that sort of climbing, and Isaac, well, is just as content to stay on the ground and keep Si company.

When we climbed as far as little legs could go, Canaan and I went on further. We saw that we could probably find a way to climb up the crevace to the top of the Hanging Rock from below. We did not make it all the way, but Canaan got pretty far. He had better footwear for the job, and I got stopped on a rock face that had limited places to pull up. I would love to go back and try it again more prepared!

This picture sure makes me smile.

I love seeing my girls walking hand in hand just because they want to.

So Canaan and I joined them!!

What a perfect day!


My turn to tote Kiki. It's not as easy as it looks! But what a great work out!

Once we got back up to the start, we brought out a picnic lunch. Boy were we hungry!

Now down to the waterfall to get refreshed!

It was beautiful and COLD! Oh so cold! We all got in, but the water was truly so cold it gave you brain freeze in your feet and it hurt! Well, it did for me anyway. For my always barefoot kids, it wasn't a big deal.

Canaan giving Widsar some incentive to get in.

Kiki caught on right away and loved it.

Sisters. :-)

And our little trooper continues to amaze us.

Canaan caught a crawfish.

Kiki kept pointing and wanting me to go closer to the waterfall. I went as close as I felt I could go safely. The rocks were really slippery!

What a great time we all had!! We plan to go again this summer at least one time.
There are so many more trails to explore!