Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ongoing Musings....

Well here is the one part of having a blog that I didn't really have with a website. An opportunity to more effectively post some of my musings, for what they are worth. My brain is crowded with thoughts and musings every day and night. Many of them I have written down, and many are still bouncing around inside my brain as I try to resolve them all. I will post some of these from time to time as I feel led or inspired to. Here is a thought for today:

I have often had people ask whether I thought it was right to go into debt in order to adopt. I do believe in debt free living. I do not exemplify it by any means, but I really do believe in the concept. I agree that debt is “bondage” and that the things God calls us to do He will provide the means to do them. I love seeing churches live this out and raise the money for their buildings and endeavors before putting the shovel to the dirt. And I am not a fan of student loans and other sources of debt.

On the other hand, think about this: Your teenage daughter goes on a mission trip to a third world country. She’s young, but she’s a wonderful, godly girl, going with a heart full of love for God, and the group she is going with is above reproach. She gets there fine, and all is well until a few days into the trip. You get a desperate call in the middle of the night. Through some horrible misunderstanding, she has been arrested and is being held in a third world prison. The conditions are horrifying, she is terrified and pleading with you to come and get her out of there. The bail is set at $20,000. Choose your answer:

A) We could borrow the money, honey, but I am just not sure if God would want us to go into debt to get you out of that place. We’ll pray about it and see what we can come up with. If God wants you free, He will make a way.
B) If we put together the money from your and your sisters’ college funds, I think we do have enough money, but honey, that’s for your future! And it wouldn’t be right to take money from your sisters’ college funds just to get you out of that place.
C) We have three times that much in our retirement fund, sweetie, but then what would your father and I do for retirement? Besides, did you know that there is a 10% penalty for taking out the money before retirement?
D) We’ll pray about this and ask God for a sign whether he wants us to come and get you or not. We’ll let you know.
E) Whatever it takes, we’ll be right there.

The Good Samaritan did not stop to consider the cost of helping the hurt man. He did not assess his injuries and decide whether it would take too much time, inconvenience, money, effort, or risk to himself. And if he was a family man, which he may well have been, it would have been money taken from his family to care for this man, time taken out of his trip, maybe even endangering himself, and who knows what other sacrifices were entailed in his just stopping to help. But he stopped without hesitation. And the story ends there, but I think after he left the man in the care of the innkeeper, he probably continued to stop, for the rest of his life, for any injured man, woman, or child that he came across. I don’t think it was a one time benevolent whim; I think it was his mindset. No, we cannot “save them all” unfortunately. And the Good Samaritan did not go on to make a life work of searching the highways and byways for wounded men. But he stopped for those in his path who needed help.

Who is in my path? In a society that doesn’t hesitate to go into debt for a home to live in or to fund higher educational pursuits, it is odd that saving someone’s life and having an influence on their eternal soul is what gives us pause. For the daughter in prison scenario, you may be countering in your head, “But that’s my daughter. That’s different. You’re talking about spending money to help someone who isn’t even my child.” To which I must counter back, “Are you sure about that?”


  1. Amazing post and just what I needed to read, as my husband and I are talking about adopting. Karen Davis sent me your way!