Monday, February 20, 2012

And it finally snowed!!

We finally got some snow! I think most of us North Carolinians had resigned ourselves to the fact that this mild winter was not going to give us any snow this year. Then we would joke that we would get a snowstorm in April. The days have been incredibly mild, and on Saturday I had gone running through our neighborhood seeing flowers blooming everywhere like it was a lovely spring day. And then Sunday... Snow!! And oh, the excitement in our house from the little ones. My favorite was Eden running down the hallway calling, "Thank you God for the SNOW!"

Pretzel had never seen snow before, and was pretty hilarious. She was first afraid to go out, which was no surprise seeing as she's pretty much afraid of everything. Then she went bounding out, biting at the snow, and trying to figure out what it was. We threw snowballs out, which she chased and picked up in her mouth and ate.

Hannah and Canaan having a snowball fight with the little ones.

Just look at those smiles!

Canaan with the kids under the trampoline.

Canaan with snow in his beard from a direct hit. Uh-oh!
Canaan and Hannah are the best big brother and sister in the world! They are so much fun. I wish I had had brothers and sisters when I was little! Well, I mean, I guess I did, but I mean, ones that play with you and like you and stuff. I love that my little ones have that!!

Hannah kicking snowballs that Maggie throws up to her.

Maggie with Pretzel. She loves this puppy.

Hannah gets a haircut once a year, whether she needs it or not. Such beautiful hair.

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