Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homeschooling and other stuff

We are studying astronomy right now. We are using the Fulbright science series, based on the order of creation, therefore beginning with the universe. Here is our balloon solar system.

And an activity to illustrate how far the planets are from each other.

We just finished learning about the Netherlands, in which we read about Van Gogh, who was - you have to admit - a pretty weird dude. We all tried our hand at self portraits.

Maggie and Silas's finished products.

Art and I had a go at it as well.

Pretty girls with curly hair!

Pretzel is continuing to fit into the famiy. She is a sweet and energetic puppy. Canaan adores her (but not as much as his cat). Biscuit has finally realized that she is here to stay and has begun to accept her and play with her. She might even like her!

Blowing in Pretzel's face makes her crazy. Pretty funny.

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